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yo, I like drawing and hope to get better at comics o/

Tumblr: Whattheglob
Deviantart: [Hiatus] Kimakox
Twitter: Kimakoh
Email: [Commissions email]
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oh that totally sucks! We can take it slow, but it should work
SL!!! Apologies for not doing anything, i'm very busy in school. but I miss all of you <3 Can't wait for the page, as well as pick up this comic again uwu
cuteeeee <3 and are we still going back on this? I'm no longer on hiatus zoo, just message me what's up, thanks BB :D
Is that so? That's fine, we've been updating pretty slowly. But to keep this comic going, it'll be for the best. BUT! You will have your chance soon once people start updating regularly, so don't feel at fault. I'm excited to see your comic pages ^^ Hope you get your net back soon.
Aha, asato can't sleep during the day Xd poor him
Thank you ^^

I'm so glad you like it! It was just an idea when I was talking to a friend about a rapidash having horns XD Blaze's effect on the two doubled when he evolved XD
yeah, Blaze was kinda easier to draw because all you did was attach a horn and make his hair and ears longer.

OTL i can't draw Blaze right, but at least Satoru's easier for me :'D //shot

Just a filler since we havn't updated in a month, for our readers, we're kinda planning as well as taking a break. We'll be back soon.
@VampireFlower thank you so much, and I'm soo glad you like it too -hugs computer back-

@Yookami go Apollik shipping! and btw, i really like your username ^^
aha, I didn't expect this to happen. Lovely transition of panels there <3

and yay!! Now We could work with the students now ^^
this definitely looks more like an Apollik shipping picture loll xDD and thanks @Yookami
So Apollo, I heard you like them Mudkips.
I really like his nose <3 you still draw amazingly though ^^
he looks amazing! envying those muscles there ;D
aw, hope you feel better.
And if you need any assistance when you're out of commission, don't be afraid to ask :D

And I do know what the doodle of Eloise is ^^ can't wait to see it
OH MY GODDDDD--ADORABLLEEEEE, w-why do you do this to me? BB[blackbolt], he looks amazing <3
ah, don't thank me, Thank @VampireFlower . She had the authority to enable that, we thought it was weird at first, but now everything is fixed ^^
no problem at all, and you should be able to post your own comic pages now. reply back to me if it works or doesn't :)
@VampireFlower Thanks for the help ^^
Panel 1: "What is going on here?"
Panel 2: "Is school, already over? How the heck did I get here late?" [arrow: Person who spent all this time choosing an outfit]
Panel 3: "well, if school's over, then I'll just leave now"
Panel 4: *opens* *turns door knob*
Panel 5: "Escaping student alert *beep* "
Panel 6: "Oh crap"
alrighty then, can't wait to see it ^^