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Like(s)- Anime, manga, giant robots(Mecha), discovery channel, scyfy(SCI FI!!) channel, food network channel, home decor channel, NBC/FOX- TV blah blah blah, final fantasy, little big planet, legend of dragoon, growlanser, etc etc Videogames, RPGames not RPGrenades, drawing, art in general, piano (suxors at itz), fanfics.... so on, so forth

Hobbies- Drawing, reading, cooking, thinking/day dreaming, dreaming/night thinking

Occupation- College Student

Personality- INTJ

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    Genibi K.H.K.
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Kaito isn't gay-
he needs to come out of Shuno's
pants and admit he's a Shunosexual. If it helps, I hear there's a support group
exclusively for aiding in expressing your Shunosexuality.

(it was either a support group or cult....I forget, I usually get the two confused...)
I want Ursule to use his magicpotionwhatevers and turn them back into children right now!!! QuQ
Oh Abel...
Nice lady though~
Last panel
DT: *squinting at caterpies* Can't tell if trolling or just stupid.
It's a sign from Eywa!

Atticus is gonna become the next Toruk Makto!!!

X'D I could have honestly gone on forever but I sped by toooooo quickly a couple times... very cute!
Man, how many times I've pondered about that I just assumed they died.