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I like to draw, eat and watch tv :3
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hello again, I've been kinda busy with my job and my kids, and with hoidays coming up i'll try to update as fast as I can this comic :)

feel free to correct my grammar
page 191 :)

feel free to correct my grammar
page 190 :) hope you like it !!
page 189 feel free to correct my grammar :) Happy thanksgiving!
i finally catch up !! go Hemu !
they are so adorable
page 188 :)
haha, this is too cute
@nissie: i want to see more :D
page 187 :)
page 186 :)

feel free to correct my grammar :D
It has been some difficult months, we've moved again >.>

I don't have much time to draw again, i hope to be able t updat fast again, or at least one every 15 days :(
here is page 185
@nissie: indeed, super important :)
it's been a while since i read your comic, so sweet, love this two
page 184, I can't believe I'm near the 200th page !! D: !!
page 183 :)

I might be moving again in some weeks >.> I'll try to update as many pages I can,before that.
@jiji: X)
@Rubygem: :) thanks, sorry I just saw this comment :(