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I like to draw, eat and watch tv :3
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    Cecilia Vazquez
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another page, i had some free time to draw !!
@nissie: lol, love her imagination XD !!
chapter nine is near it's end :) thanks for following me all this time !
i love your comic, the way you portray Link is so funny xD
@MSD-Dutch: spam is good xD !
Woah Page 250 !!! I can't believe I have draw this much, and I'm not even half way of this story, it was supposed to be a short comic :P well, enjoy :D
that first panel is awesome, I understand you, you feel sad when you put a lot of effort in the backgrounds and no one notices :(
finally, page 249 :D
hope you like it !
@princess_lom: lol, that's awesome XD !
@princess_lom: your name is Carolina? cool XD