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page 180

feel free to correct my grammar :)
I've been away from smackjeeves for some time, I've finally reached up to your comic, so cool !
Feel free to correct my grammar
i'm glad i had c-sections :s well, it it's also horrible to endure the pain until the wound heals >.>
ha haha love LAtoya, i've missed a lot of pages, this is going great ! iwant to read more
page 2 of this chapter, feel free to correct my grammar :)
hello !!
After a long time, I finally found some time to draw, this is the first time in months that I could draw on my PC, >.> busy with my boys, the house, my husband, my job, etc. I'm going to be able to draw a little bit more, I hope at least once or twice a week, so I will try to update as fast as I can, or at least not abandon my come for such a long period >.> sorry, thanks for your patience.

so here is page 1 of chapter 7 ! D: !!!! Hope you like it !!!
i see what he's doing XD nice try XD

love your comic so far
@Zin0: thanks X)
@jonasfx: thanks again for your kind words <3 your comments makes me so happy :D
@jonasfx: thanks, i'll try my best to update as fast as I can :)
new cover for this new chapter XD

hello !! as always i have been delayed on my comic, thanks so much for the ones that keep following my comic :)

It may take me some time to begin this new chapter, I still need to sketch the pages , but i will try to be fast about it :D

thanks for your patience <3
Again, sorry for the delay, My two boys have been sick with the flu, we've been from one doctor to another >.> so after almost a month, I finally could have some free time to work on the computer.

page 176, last page of this chapter, see ya on chapter 7 :D
@jonasfx: thanks, I'm still not even half way in the story X)
Just one more page and this chapter is over :)

thanks for the nice comments
Ugh, sorry for the delay, but as always, my boys and job take all my time >.>

this chapter is almost over :D !!!! thanks for your support so far !!

Feel free to correct my grammar :)
@Zin0: thanks for the lovely comment !!!
lots of people had told me that Antonio resembles Goku XD
February 9th, 2017
your comic sounds interesting, by the way, cute art style !!
i had a hard time finishing this page >.> but here it is !!!

Hope you like it !!

feel free to correct my grammar.
@braceface999: thanks so much !! your message makes me happy X) !!!