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I just wanted to add an image of this two :D

I'll began sketching the new chapter on this days, I'm excited to do it !!

thanks for your support all this years \\ ^ u^ //
last page of this chapter :) hope you like it !!

see ya on chapter 8 !
no!! this is so sad, I enjoyed your comic so much, I will miss it :(

but I have to tell you that this was such an adorable story, love your characters, your art, hope to see more stories from you !
page 205 :D Almost done with this chapter !
love your comis XD they are so cute
page 204, feel free to correct my grammar :)
page 203 :)
@nissie: happy valentines day !!

love the comic so far
page 202 :)
page 201 :D

happy valentines day !!
page 200 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I got this far with my story, there's alot more to see
@Sofysenpai: thanks, sadly her mother is a spiteful person and has a hard time forgiving others :(
OMG, Page 199!!! D: I can make a full volume now XD, wish I can get the money to print my comic :(

feel free to correct my grammar !
page 198, that's all for some of Amelia's mother past
hope you like it !
I almost reach page 200 D: !!!!

thanks for keeping track of my story :)
page 195 :)

we will know more about Amelia's mom past :)

hope you like it ! and feel free to correct my grammar
page 194

happy new year !!!
@Ca-iN: gracias, feliz navidad y año nuevo para ti, tmb !!
page 192 !!! D:

Merry christmas and happy holidays !
hello again, I've been kinda busy with my job and my kids, and with hoidays coming up i'll try to update as fast as I can this comic :)

feel free to correct my grammar