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I like to draw, eat and watch tv :3
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    Cecilia Vazquez
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page 269 :D

hope you like it ! feel free to correct my grammar ;)
@nissie: that's fair Xd poor guys
@Sofysenpai: thanks !! there will be lots of sweetness
cover for this new chapter !
sorry to hear that, hope everything gets better soon, we'll be waiting
old drawings of Antonio and Amelia !
page 266, end of this chapter 9, see ya on the next one !
page 265, just two more and this chapter is over :D
page 263, full kiss scene!
@princess_lom: me too ! I was excited to get to this part !
@Captain Ghost: sometimes you just need a kiss
page 262, finally I got to this part !! I was really excited to upload it >.< Hope you like it too !