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I like to draw, eat and watch tv :3
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@nissie: indeed, super important :)
it's been a while since i read your comic, so sweet, love this two
page 184, I can't believe I'm near the 200th page !! D: !!
page 183 :)

I might be moving again in some weeks >.> I'll try to update as many pages I can,before that.
@jiji: X)
@Rubygem: :) thanks, sorry I just saw this comment :(
page 180

feel free to correct my grammar :)
I've been away from smackjeeves for some time, I've finally reached up to your comic, so cool !
Feel free to correct my grammar
i'm glad i had c-sections :s well, it it's also horrible to endure the pain until the wound heals >.>
ha haha love LAtoya, i've missed a lot of pages, this is going great ! iwant to read more
page 2 of this chapter, feel free to correct my grammar :)
hello !!
After a long time, I finally found some time to draw, this is the first time in months that I could draw on my PC, >.> busy with my boys, the house, my husband, my job, etc. I'm going to be able to draw a little bit more, I hope at least once or twice a week, so I will try to update as fast as I can, or at least not abandon my come for such a long period >.> sorry, thanks for your patience.

so here is page 1 of chapter 7 ! D: !!!! Hope you like it !!!
i see what he's doing XD nice try XD

love your comic so far
@Zin0: thanks X)
@jonasfx: thanks again for your kind words <3 your comments makes me so happy :D
@jonasfx: thanks, i'll try my best to update as fast as I can :)
new cover for this new chapter XD

hello !! as always i have been delayed on my comic, thanks so much for the ones that keep following my comic :)

It may take me some time to begin this new chapter, I still need to sketch the pages , but i will try to be fast about it :D

thanks for your patience <3