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Proto X
I'm Proto X and i'm AWESUMER DAN YOU!!I like Mega Man, Mario Bros., and Proto Man. I like to draw stuff.
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    I'm not the man your looking for.
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Don't ask why Link turns himself into a Stick Figure, you'll find out.
"Wait, I know that sword"
A hobo and a stalker! Who knew?
You would know who Quote is if you played Cave Story on PC, WiiWare, WiiWare Demo (maybe), or DSiWare.
The epicness continues with page two of Chapter One!
The first page of the epic begins.
That's what I felt when I played the Mega Man games. (Except for MM10)
Sorry, I forgot Dax was red
Here's the link of my new project
This is a new project I'm working on.
is that good or bad?
I really need help on sprites.