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Style changes like woah Batman.
THAT is a beutiful car !
Love that Spock picture there...
Diet Coke
Does not substitute for a fast-ffood meal. It just dosen't. :|
I can see his horrified face at the nurtitional, or lack of, facts....but what do Luffinpuff's eat? I can see chocolate sundae with sparkles.
Bratticus? Oooh, you're not going to stand for that are you?!
> Bring back Bowie reference.
This is adorable.
This is so true. SO TRUE D':
Rats, foiled ahgain :C
Watch RUGBY. Football for MEN :D
This comic always makes my day C:
But it's a FABULOUS fruity elf!
This is why you dont drop children :C
Aieee Pokemans?!
I have a lvl 98 wigglytuff. They dont take it seriously until it beats them! :D
You've brought this upon your self.
And by brought I mean Eric.
Hard core language Luffinpuff, ease up!
Gary fucking Oak is the bomb. A guy who can kick your ass with style AND have a scent fetish...
I've never liked the colour green better.
Teukie needs a hug!
omfgasdfghjkl;!!! You made Sungie PINK! :'D *worships* I love this comic so much >^<
They should definiatly give him more vacations if he has a killer mom like that! :O
Im going to die laughing :'D