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Haru~ Can I touch your ears? ouo
November 25th, 2011
I literally stopped breathing for a second before I let out a huge "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE". THIS IS TOO CUTE, AHHHHHH<3333333
August 1st, 2011
Ohohoh~ Cora and Eric alone >:D

Yeah, just take your time ;)
We can wait! :D
Eric *A* Stoppp, she'll faint! Rahhh, I knew he shouldn't have done it >3<
Oh no.. please.. no contracts XD

And d'aww. I love the second panel ;3;
Mr. Dalvius! FWEEEEE >3<

and can't wait to see Eric as leader.. hopefully he won't end up like his dad DX
I like Mr. Dalvius 8D
and eric, lol.

The first chapter was very good. The death of the father was very surprising.. i really didn't expect it at all!
Oh. My. God. HE'S DEAD! Seriously.. there's this part of me just now that sort of ... died! NUUU- why her DAD? QAQ
It can't be her dad! She probably missed and hit another guy in the group!
If it is her dad... ;n; how could you? D'X
Oohohoh~ Elena, huh? Like in Vampire Diaries ;)
Nah, i'm just joking!~ I really like the layout of the page! It's really well organized!
yay a page ;A;
But, omfg.. the wait, i can't take it anymore >A<
February 2nd, 2011
D'awww.. it's because of Cora isn't it ;D
January 20th, 2011
FWEEEEEE! -faint- I want Terence oAo!!
FFF- how-wh- -nosebleed-

LOLOL! That would be the most hilarious this EVER XDDD
noooooo ;A;
I read your whole comic today.. and i'm just so sad that there's no "next" button -dies-
Anyway, i love your comic, and happy new year to you, too ^^
LOL "You're so hot, ursule!" XDD I laughed so much at that part xD
December 18th, 2010
I soooo called it xDDD

ahahaha, what kind of face is Saiyu making? xDD

btw.. -nosebleed- i see a belly button >3<
December 15th, 2010
Dude.. what if.. what if when the test time comes around, Cora's gonna use her powers to cheat :O
Nahh.. idk.. it's just a thought ;)


EricxCora <3