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And that closes out The Big Foldy. It took me three years to complete my original storyline (which ended up ballooning out to about three times its intended size.) Time to move on to new projects, I've had enough of fiddling around in Illustrator with these guys in my free time, but I am quite happy to have created my own little world and characters. A big thanks to my readers, I hope the gang put some smiles on your faces.
February 10th, 2013
Two for today, sure why not?
once again, the Big Foldy returns from a long break. But this time is the last time. Only a dozenish strips left. Thanks for sticking with me.
October 21st, 2012
the Prof. is a bit of a scavenger and hacker
I doodled what you see as the Foldy on the same artboard as I did the original characters. So when I had to come up with a name for the comic, i just went for the name of the angular doodle, which looked Big and Foldy. Through the years I never thought of anything better for the Big Foldy to be or look like. So there you go, haha. Woopity doo. Either way, it can still fold extra-dimentional universes together at the will of the user, so that is pretty cool.
Where does he get those wonderful toys?
Ah back on Earth with the Sam, Chuck, and Slippy the Duck
And so ends the flashback story of how Gus got involved in all of this...
Nice to see Gus back in fighting action... even if this is a flashback.

Also the bad robot dude is named Dilwyn and originally drawn by my brother!
Back in Action!
Yup, I moved to Ireland a few years ago from Illinois.
Going off to America later this week. Be back in a couple of weeks with new comics!
Call for help! I need some robots for a upcoming panel. Draw me a robot to include in the comic. The kind you might find in a scummy space bar.

email me at
Whoa, comic 100... I guess I should have done something special for that. Whoops!
Now, time for a look back into the past...

Also, I swear I have nothing against turtles. It just worked out this way somehow.
Leaving for the weekend, so you get your comic a day early!
I just always liked this part at the beginning of Star Wars.

Also, last couple of days to "like" the Facebook page and get a free Lasercut Big Foldy character of your choice.
Hey Smackjeeves folk. New series starts today. "like" the Big Foldy Facebook page during the month of May to win a laser cut Foldy character.
If you recall, Gus left Sam, Chuck and Slippy the Duck on Earth while transporting himself alone to the Earth Research Station. The way I set up this series can make this a bit confusing if it has been a while since you read the last batch of comics.

So that is the end of Series 2. Series 3 will start in the next two or three weeks.