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Cedric Bale
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That caterpie opened a triangular portal in the air and string-shotted DT through it! How was DT suppose to know it could do that!? Cheating bastard...
DT just looks so fucking adorable critisizing Atty for his reeeaaally dirty shoe.
Atty is 14 I think. 10 really isn't that much younger, only 4 years, lol. Either way, they're BOTH way too young to be 'falling in love'. Then again, you could make the argument that they're way too young to travel the world on foot, or way too young to be hosting random and completely legal animal fights, or way too young to be smoking.

Oh fictional universe, you so silly.
You made me scroll up and compare last-panel George to H0ly's avatar. They're in almost the exact same pose, complete with hat. :O Wonder if she noticed that before posting the page...

I have a feeling if George was a boy, Atty would'a straight-up told her to bug off by now, lol. Not for romance or anything (he obviously is not attracted to her, which is good 'cause she's like 10), Atty just seems like he might have been raised to be polite to girls.
And then Atticus found the Team Rocket Base hidden in Viridian Forest. Good thing they'll only have low-level rattatas and maybe a koffing.
DT's response made me lol. Your alt text made me lol much harder.
Atty's face in panel 2 makes me lol. Like, really hard.
I'm preeeetty sure I see a fallulah on that tree there, in the back... I, for one, would support a comic about sexy trees.

I'm fairly certain he just named it Rat. Rat and Dragonthing, sittin' in a tree~
Wait 'till she sees him try to -use- that Pikachu in a fight. He'll just stand there, staring at it as it gets trounced. Or maybe this one actually has some initiative and won't let itself get trounced while waiting for orders? Could totally see that happening, and her thinking that Atty's just so awesome he doesn't -need- to give his mokepon orders. Poor, misinformed fan?girl.
And thus Chapter 3 comes to a close. Congratz! :D

That's never occured to me before. In Red/Blue, your rival becomes the champion before you get there. Who was the champion before -him-? A slightly effeminate dude in an overcoat wearing a pokeball-like mask, perhaps?

[Edit] Or maybe that's the champion after Ash left to live in a cave? Either way, I'm now 90% certain that he's the current champion.
That piece of DT that died a little bit more with every failed attack on that Feraligatr? I think it's about to come back to life on the next page or two, a bit if not completely. And probably not from the chocolate.

I read something recently that seems appropriate for this, that to TRULY win, you have to learn how to lose first. I'm wondering if that was what Masked Guy was trying to (stealthily) teach Atty?
Kahn needs his own theme song. He pretty much just became the main character.

I like how it seems like Atticus only has to walk to the side for like, five feet to get to the stairs. Makes it seem like Kahn's awesome maneuver was humorously unnecessary, like bursting through the wall right next to an open door. xD

[Edit] Dangit, need to read comments BEFORE posting. Repeating the previous comment ftl.
This is the result of telling your children they can be whatever they wanna' be when they grow up.
"I WANNA BE A NINJA *jumps off cliff*"

It kind'a looks like Kahn is just taking one giant step into Cerulean City and is now KAHNZILLA.

At first, I thought it was ridiculous that some people think he might turn it down, but then I remembered how indignant Atty was when he found out Kahn's pokemon were already weakened before the battle, soooo I don't know if he will or not now. Either way, the motivation for continuing is there! :D

Is that tape on the euro in the last panel?

According to this, medies-for-back-pain2.htm
laying down is actually bad for back pains. D:

[Edit] Minus the space. These comments don't like lots of hyphens, I guess.

[Edit2] Euro, pound, same thing. D: (maybe?)
lol'd at the final fantasy Marlboro on the packaging.

Atty should really just quit while he's ahead. He seems very danger-prone, when put that way.

In that fourth panel, I really thought that was a Nintendo DS in his hands for a minute. Was like, why's he suddenly playing a DS? That's just plain random. Felt dumb as a brick when I remembered, oh yeah, he was holding cigarettes ONE panel ago. I even lol'd at them. How do I forget things that fast? xP

I'm looking forward to Atty's first gym battle. There should totally be statues just inside the entrance with names of people who've beaten the gym, like in the games, and like in the games, they should ONLY have Kahn's name on themn and Atty would make a big deal about the stupidity of it or something. /shrug
[Edit - to completely change my entire post] Just picture it. Atticus travels across kanto, battling trainers, earning badges, winning money, and of course encountering Masked Guy(?) multiple times throughout his journey, much to Atty's aggravation. He goes back through Pallet on his way to the Viridian gym, stops by his house, and spends the night there before moving on. His mom goes out for some reason, he walks into her room... and sees the Masked Guy(?)'s mask on her dresser, along with that robe. <-- Atty.
@xkrazydog: I wasn't saying I hated it or anything, or that it should go faster. I wasn't even trying to tell H0ly what she should do. I was just putting my current thoughts and random observations in a little box and hitting the Submit button. I have a much bigger issue with having to defend myself in a comic's comment board than with the comic (especially considering I have no serious issues with the comic).

[Edit - to at least try to make this post on topic] Also, Masked Guy(?) doesn't look all that feminine to me in that third to last panel. More like it's windy and he's trying not to fall over while looking behind himself on some steps. :P
His left boot looks strange for some reason. Like, unusually wide. Maybe it's just because I can't see the bottom of his other boot... And speaking of strange-looking, Khan looks a little strange in those last two panels too, for some reason. That weird V-shaped collar thingy on his shirt, maybe? Or his hair is too poofy, or too featureless, maybe? Hell, I don't know. I need to stop pointing out negative things in good pages. :s

Also, wait, we never find out who this guy is? We better find out at some point, if not in this chapter. He hinted that he was well-known, if not famous. Inquiring minds need to know! D:

"No Atticus, you ARE the demons."
And then Atticus was a zombie.

At least DT's getting some, uh... tail training? I'unno, I can't think of anything even remotely witty at 4:30am, so bye.