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Unique art style and humor... nice!
That was hilarious. XD
Haha... sillyness.
Consistently funny.
Peanuts tribute? ;-)
Ah, man, what a great idea.
Ah, that's terrible. Funny! But terrible :-P

Josh Alves is a genious.
Heh, nice. T-Shirt worthy.
BIG smile came out of that one for me. :-D
Very clever... hehe...
I totally know the feeling.
Hahaha, brilliant.
Hey, great comics. I like your clean style and unique humor.

I see we're both vector artists... ^_~
Oh man, a comic after my own evil heart XD
Yeah, I just entered the battle... and funnily enough I'm up against THIS on my first day.

They should recreate this on Jackass