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Damn straight it does, mo'fo'.
I know it's not as pretty as the other one, but it's got the humour.
I'm being lazy and haven't drawn them out, yet. There's more demand for a female Trauwyn. B)

I'm working on another comic based on the Airicahns, and I'll do the plutonium rod one, next. M'kay?
Moahn Riders don't look like that. D: Pretty ones, coming soon.
Yes, yes I did. B) I told you I wasn't finished with the song.
I lied. It's Christmas, no webcomic. Maybe a christmas-y image for you, though.
Oh my goat, I'm posting webcomics again. What madness, I know.
Oops, I'll switch it.

I don't know why it even updated.

EDIT: Updated with the right version.
Muwhaha, Egor posted my image on here. Sweet.