Call me Glue if you want to. I've been working on this Nuzlocke comic since 2011 due to being very unreliable with updates.

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I'm enjoying the contrast between Blair jr and Blair sr here. Blair jr is working hard to drag Tim in while poor Roy is dragging himself in on his own
Ah, I can't wait to see what Blair's motives are O:

Now his fancy clothes make sense. I thought he was dressing nicely because all old-timey people walked around all dressed up, but it's because he's actually rich.

Current quest:
- bring a Skow
Reward: A date with the doctor

(Also, you should totally support eishiya on patreon, you can see the thumbnails for the comic and get yourself a sketch and all)
@eishiya: Except the one that leads to him getting promoted P:
@eishiya: That makes me wonder if there's Skow puppies
Ah, I see the endings from the game weren't there just for fun D:
The background Chikoritas are so adorable
@eishiya: Ah, that'd be lovely :D
Probably a little random, but I think the bottom panel with them walking down the stairs might make a nice wallpaper
@eishiya: Well, you did tell me your rough plans for that scene once, so I based it on that :D
I'm starting to like Blair Jr a bit more than Dr Blair, probably because it's fun to watch Tim being strung along.

Also, I'm still sad that Hemmer's Hunt didn't get an ending illustration for the "fired for probably being gay" ending, so I scribbled my interpretation of what it might have looked like (plus text because I couldn't resist)
@eishiya: Well, he's worth it :>
But look at those eyelashes, Tim. How can you refuse the opportunity to see those again?
Looks like Hemmer might have been successful in his Skow hunt :D
(Though now the question is where the head went)
@JoKeR: I thought that too, but we have to accept the author's interpretation
@eishiya: Well, imagine the scene like this: The butler opens the door to the guest, and when the guest takes their first steps inside, in the dim light shining through the opened door, gold-Alain sparkles brightly in all his glory, immediately leaving the guest in awe at the stunning display of all of Alain's best features
@eishiya: One has to present onseself to guests in the best possible light statue of yourself in the centre of the entrance hall?! I didn't realise you were this rich!"

Of course he cares about the family tree, he needs to know who his future great-grandfather in law is.
@eishiya: Ah, I see the double chin now, but the neck still looks a bit long on the whole
Sure, your "great-grandfather's research notes". He probably just writes his fangirl diaries in Latin because he's too embarrassed at the thought of somebody reading them.

Also, Tim's neck in the last panel looks a bit strange, like it grew an extra segment or a weirdly placed double chin
And here we have the reason I got stuck for a while. I'm not good with emotional scenes, especially since this comic's style doesn't work well for them most of the time