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Call me Glue if you want to. I've been working on this Nuzlocke comic since 2011 due to being very unreliable with updates.

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October 18th, 2017
I think I can follow fairly well what's going on, but it's a bit hard to tell who's speaking (it sounds like a dialogue, but without indication that the text comes from two different people, it took me a moment to figure that out). It's fairly clear that Tim is one of the people speaking because he's holding the keys in his hand, but I can't tell if he's recalling a conversation from before, talking to someone on his invisible phone or to the voices inside his head. Recalling previous chapters, I'm guessing the other person is probably Alain, but the page doesn't really give any indication.

Are the things in the middle panel elevator buttons? It took me a while to guess, but that might be because I haven't spent much time in huge complexes and am used to a more vertical arrangement of the buttons.
October 15th, 2017
@eishiya: Ohh, I see :D I didn't think of that because I assumed that the duelling was always previously agreed on and only happened when a new king was needed, so I didn't consider that a Skow might also be able to take part in a duel
@lisadorina I'd imagine it'd look fine if you just let them be completely covered by the hair. The faces you draw are expressive enough that you should be ok without the eyebrows showing. But you probably know the right way to go better than me and showing a bit of them through the hair sounds like a good solution as well.
October 15th, 2017
@eishiya: Hmmm... Did duelling lead to a King that wasn't Skow-approved, who then killed the King?

Or is it that the duelling system's purpose was to have a king that was stronger than Skows and once that failed, there was no point in having it anymore?
October 15th, 2017
The medieval-style tapestry is a really cool idea! I love all the different ways you use the chapter breaks to provide some background info.

The text seems to say that Wodæfric (who I almost spelled Wodafrick) was killed by a Skow, so did Kings have to duel Skows to get the throne? Sounds like a fun practice. I also love the tiny crown that fell down next to the Skow.
I have to say, as sweet as this scene is, Tim's eyebrows being visible on top of his hair is seriously distracting. I can get over it in more anime-y styles, but in a semi-realistic style like this it looks really strange.
You're not really in a position to call someone else queer while you're wearing those boots P:
August 23rd, 2017
Yep, I can't see this ending well for the Skow
August 16th, 2017
@eishiya: Ah, I guess there wasn't much aside from office supplies and medical tools D: And hey, at least he had more of an office than Roy
August 16th, 2017
Our favourite trustworthy doctor is finally making an appearance again :D

I'm wondering what he's carrying around. O: It looks like a bundle of towels or blankets (maybe there are baby Skows inside!). Maybe the next page will show if he's a Skow friend or if he'll get chased ungracefully like Roy
Well, looks like Roy used up all his happiness points for the rest of the comic
Ah, this was such a lovely comic to read. I can really tell how much love went into it and how much care you put into the story and the characters. The comic has such a gentle feeling that it really makes you feel warm while reading. I wish you all the best with future original projects and look forward to reading them.
@eishiya: Alright! I'm looking forward to it, whenever it happens
Oooh, those doggies look pretty scary. Good job on that!

(Also, since you said it was ok to bug you about this, is there any chance you'll do a stream in the near future? Only after the bad days go away, of course)
I'm enjoying the contrast between Blair jr and Blair sr here. Blair jr is working hard to drag Tim in while poor Roy is dragging himself in on his own
Ah, I can't wait to see what Blair's motives are O:

Now his fancy clothes make sense. I thought he was dressing nicely because all old-timey people walked around all dressed up, but it's because he's actually rich.

Current quest:
- bring a Skow
Reward: A date with the doctor

(Also, you should totally support eishiya on patreon, you can see the thumbnails for the comic and get yourself a sketch and all)
@eishiya: Except the one that leads to him getting promoted P:
@eishiya: That makes me wonder if there's Skow puppies
Ah, I see the endings from the game weren't there just for fun D:
The background Chikoritas are so adorable