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@Ryuusei924: I'm sure I won't be disappointed! You are the artist, do what you must! ;)
Aaaahhh I can't wait for more! D: P.S. Your banana guards are some badass looking dudes ;D
Comment virginity? o.o
I just have to say that your art is awesome :D
Whoo! Go Solaris~ o3ob
Yay for a Solaris hair tutorial~ :DD I'll try my best at fanart now! ^^
Ah~ I'd love that! :D And when I get my artists' skills intact I'll have to make fanart o3ob
Wha? D: That can't be true! And I just find Solaris's hair amazing o_o It'd take me forever to sketch that xD Let alone get it right~ ;v;
...comment virginity...
I love this comic so much~ :DD It's hilarioius and the art is awesome! o3ob Keep it up!
Haha~ ^^ You're so awesome! *hugs*
Lol macho man ;v; You're funny! xD You just made my day~
New page, please~ :3
Lol She's awesome~ :D
That's how it's done!! >:D
Lol that's awesome xD
My favorite character is Cugen~ :D Though I love them all ;v;
I like her because she's a lot like me~ And I just find Riona absolutely adorable! :'D She's boyish and though she can seem a little out of it at times she's got a great personality and humor!~ :D
Yay~ Character pages! o3ob I approve!
lol i love this comic~ :DD
Run, Solaris!!! D:

Two updates~ ;v; I'd be in heaven!~

Love the new banner btw~ :D
I love your art and your comic~ ;v; It's adorable!