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This is the first image I ever saw of this comic, and I feel very lucky for that. I've archivebinged the lot to get to it. And oh,purr.
Go Haruka! Nephrite SERIOUSLY needed the smackdown, his attitude was going from 'ha ha you twerp' to 'no means no, you predatory sleazeball' a little there.

Have courage at uni! It's fun, just time-consuming.
Screeeeeam. of JOY! <3
September 26th, 2010
In other news,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Congratulations on bringing us another year of awesomeness!
September 26th, 2010
Oh Mina, honey. No. Just... just no.
The delay is totally worth it for the pretty! *blinks* Am I really the only commenter? Wow.

But, gods, poor Kunzite. Hope he's okay...
Well, I actually do love the stars in the picture, but chibi-Endy's grin scares me and I don't know why. I should want to cuddle him, damn it! But his grin is freaky! Waaahh!
I've never liked fieldmouse pudding.

Unless you've first stuffed it with mulberries. ^^
*raises hand* So me.

...and, okay, now you can apologize for it. *wibbles*
How dare you..
...apologize for something so WONDERFUL as devoting time to these two! Go right ahead, love! *hugs them tight*