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I'm a freshman in college who hasn't quite gotten it right yet. I like to smoke grape tobacco in a pipe and I used to want to be an animator. Now I'm content with selling my soul to the educational system.
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For gods sake someone blow the fog horn!!
Whoohoo a pokemon comic that's actually drawn!

I like how you drew Tundra's pose in the second panel, very nice. :D

Keep it up.
L337 is NOT gangsta. When will humanity learn?!
Still very much in love with this comic.
It isn't for decoration? :O

Well damn there goes my theories.
I don't know what I would do without my Hocus Pocus Joe in the morning.

Although it would be really great if something didn't try to attack me or have my nose turn into a pigs every time I drank it..
I was hoping for a horror hag, but a lion-fish merfolk works too. :o
Hooray, thank you!
aw.. this reminds me of me. Except I'm the one sleeping in class. Aw. :D
I reveal myself!


-puts clothes back on-
Oh, very cool. :)
Drake has slowly become one of my favorite comic characters.
Poor guy.
You should be amazed because it was _I_ who did it.

But all joking aside -imalosercough-
Your comic really does have a nice humor to it and it's nice to see that show just from the first piece. :D
This is funny and looks very interesting. Fav for now. :D
A wonderful comic like this should have a wonderful layout! Have you ever thought of making one?
I LoL'd.
This one made me laugh. :D
Oh I love Harry Potter comics! :D
Oh no!

Clever idea though, he should go into plastic surgery.