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Epic film is EPIC!
This just gave me the biggest lol of the day.
Count yourself proud good sir!
You really have built up a depressing backstory for this girl you know?
Kinda makes you wanna start a charity for her and her family!
July 15th, 2010
Oddly I find myself sympathising with both of the characters and yet thinking that the guy is a bit of a creep for cathing a bird for a stranger and that the girl is an idiot for bothering to attempt to fly!
Has she never seen an episode of top gear!
This post is sponsored by top gear - because even the stig understands the physics of natural flight..
She should have used the patented Leonardo Da'vinci method of fliying!
Set bonfires up all over italy and use the heat for extra lift!
AC2 References FTW!
It is my firm belief that DT is going to win...
Ok maybe that's a lie but for his sake I wish he could...