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Three more pages until the end of this chapter.
Let the unfollows begin!
5 more pages and this chapter is done :>
@keonaona: I think my lack of self confidence is apperaring in the pages :'D
@Sasabu: I'm not sure if he was lovely ever :')
September 8th, 2016
@Riaya: But not in an effective way :')
Wow story pages are coming!
And I think I'll be back :D
February 25th, 2016
Thi is the last page of chapter 2!
Losing readers recently :')
@keonaona: :> ;D
@Psyzan: I don't want to spoil too much but there are certain wolves who can take off their fur..though you're not so far :D
@Riaya: ;)))
Seems like this chapter ends on the 90th page :>
@DianaJones: Thank you :')
@keonaona: Thank you! I hope the upcoming story will be fine, too :D
@DianaJones: Thank you! Sometimes I just feel it's not good enough even for me :/
@Riaya: :>
Question: what do you think of the comic so far?