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even if it was "in his own way" it was still a funny way of showing it.
@Blargargy: thanks and sorry for the dumb question.
@Blargargy: feels less like an end to the story is coming up, more the end of an arc. am i just misinterpreting what you said?
what was that? I couldn't hear you over the tinnitus you just gave us.
rest up buddy!
besides, what could possibly go wrong?
If Wes is gonna do anything, it's gonna be whatever he wants. And right now that's finishing his drink.
and the adventure begins!
@Eeveelutionlover: would they even let him fight if he stayed anonymous? And how long could they keep it secret?
even if she can die, that's all the more reason to explore the universe! >:D
September 20th, 2019
of course it's not an element. seemed more like pure power/energy to me...
i'm very much a fan of immortality, but it's not for everyone.
>help him
roger and edd>find food and EAT IT!!
Roger and Edd:RUN MAN RUN!!!
time skip to treda.
Man this comic gat me in to TWEWY... but it's painful to see it go on like this...
I am in the midel of reading it