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Mizik is not good with this topic.
Considering she managed to launch another student across the cafeteria because they went to far when it came to bulling her friend. She doesn't make friends easily.
I handle my stories with no author intervention. So in the case of Mizik she logically defaults to thinking the question means the CD Dragons which are the creators in my stories or the Observers which are energy based lifeforms that are historians.
I've had a no fourth wall breaking policy in my stories. So this question is hard to answer. I am also going on vacation this Sunday. What a perfect question to get stuck answering. If I had sprite's for Mercy or Agony I'd just let the CD dragon do something silly.
Hard question when you don't use an author avatar.
Uhm. Can you please better explain this question. I can't understand it.
Mizik keeps some interesting pets. This includes three baby dragons, two of which she effectively hatched herself.
A huntress has a blade specially tailored to her fighting style.
Mizik is one of few people in my stories that considers dragon and monster hunting a full time job. And I just realized I mirrored her sprite while uploading this.
Here's a link to a nightcore version.
Miki tends to think to family first.
Miki has been a plaything for fate for a long time in my stories and her marriage marked a point where I effectively retired the character from being heavily used in my stories. She's their to support her daughter any chance she gets though.
Miki's sprites was a sprite I had designed a long time ago and never used.
That is the biggest joke in pokemon.
And thank you for the laugh.
so new that the people at Archie and Sega have a whole dimension filled with the evil clones of the heroes and the good clones of the villains.
Mizil is still a work in progress.
My stories have always existed around the concept of a pardox happening. As such the results that fracture out words are diverse.
Mizil seeks to recreate the world and isn't afraid of killing anyone that gets in her way. Either on her own or through Des'Suna. The only ones exempt from her wraith are her closest friends.
Mizik on the other hand tends to try her best to protect those around her and do her best to improve the world through example not force. No matter who it may be Mizik and Mizil will rule their respective world. It's the way that defines who's the hero and who's the villain.
I wanted to get something posted. I will retouch this hopefully Sunday. I'm more or less playing in a test tabletop game both Friday and Saturday.
To further explain the comic. In my story world reincarnation has been completely ruled out as impossible. While certain species revive touhou style(Not originally my characters) revival in a different body is impossible. As such the closest thing my stories have is Faith and her species ability to control other objects and copy the powers. Faith is normally in control of an Amy Rose plushy but has been seen to use a Shadow, and Gradevoir plushy before. She's even copied Sakuya once.
I haven't answered the last few because I want a more happy question. After what I put Miki through in my writings I kinda want to keep Mizik upbeat.
i know what you two are talking about and no it doesn't. That other hedgehog is tame compared to this one...
In reality it's because I don't have a proper looking forward sprite made yet.
That's Mizik for you. She's not sure what she would say but she doesn't put it past herself to pull a bond one liner. I've also defined that the actual angel she copied can revive after death and Mizik is unsure whether she can revive or not so death is not the most forward thing on her mind.

I also switched to just using regular text until I figure out how to better make the letters I used in the previous one.
It intrigues me that there are other energy lifeforms. Can you send me a link if they appear in another comic?
...I have a feeling I'll want to not have an Observer anywhere near him. Out of curiosity what would happen to him if he tried to absorb or manipulate a lifeform born of pure energy?
And THS should be fine right. I know it's not the first she's been fried by energy.
Ugh so much hatred
Hi everyone. I'm new to this comic and participating to try and better character design and pick up some new things for my own comic making. As such this is the first comic I've made in a while and I'm really not happy with it. Mizik happens to be a relatively new design and has very little sprites causing a lack of motion. Part of it comes form how ambitious the project of designer her for comic use is. My text boxes also leave a lot to desire. They looked good when designed for the 8bit styled art they came from but they don't translate over well. Mizik is my character Miki's daughter while Lilah is Nate's oldest daughter. Back to working on sprites it seems.