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Live in UK, love drawing, painting, making sculptures etc. (All sotrs of art). I have a DA account, visit me there. I will update whenever I have time to draw.
Umm... It's been a while. My style is changing all the way throughout the manga.. I warned everyone that this is my first & experimental one, though the story has been thought up for a long time.
^^ Yay for update and first comment!

What are those sounds made for? (Last panel.) Hmm.. Intriguing.. :o
March 19th, 2008
Oh I love the last panel! Made me laugh. :d

By the way, what I mostly love about your art is that you developed your own style in anime. <333

I draw in anime style for two years and still experimenting and never got to the point where I'll be satisfied with one style. =_=;
Hahaha <3 Yay for double update!

^.^ I wonder who Camilo really is, I mean if he's always misunderstood.. o:
Aww, I like this fanart - it's so adorable, although scary. :<

T.T I'm scared of fire. (Fire as in going out of control).
Oh I love this XD; !!!

This page is so funny! Well done Shest, awesome art too!

And everyone else did a great job too!

March 16th, 2008
Your hair colouring is awesome TwT; *cries out loud!!!!!!*
March 16th, 2008
He's so cute! C:
So cute! I like this page. <333
Coloooouurrrr your pages. ^^

*rates* *faves*
March 15th, 2008
:( No colouring lately and no fingers.. T_T I like how you colour them, the pages just look so good!!!!
March 15th, 2008
I don't like the shoes but I like what he does.. Impressive. ^^
Love the expressions! XD
*_* When is the next update?
But the name Murdoc not to be mistaken for the original character from the band 'Gorillaz'. ^^;
March 15th, 2008
Can't wait for the update :D &#9829;~ it so far nya~
Can't wait for the story to start :D sounds interesting so far~
I hate mess but my room's desk and all the working areas are always messy. Just feels like I never want to clean them up because "I will use them again soon".

XD My tools & equipment are higher qualitym because I buy them from the most known artists shop with all the best quality equipment (YES IT IS EXPENSIVE T.T), but it doesn't matter as long as the art is good.

Only one thing I suggest it to buy artists watercolours and paintbrushes, because not artists paintbrushes and watercolours are soooooo different, after you tried the artist ones, you will hate the old ones. :D

OMG I didn't realize there was a next button hidden in the background. ^^;; I was using the archive to flip the pages and tried memorizing which page I am on..