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Once a month
So, since the artist has yet to send me new stuff, and I have one comic left, I shall be updating on the first tuesday of this month and next month. Think of it like your period - but funnier, and not as hard on the guy's poor little heads.
Hold items
BUT WAIT! Pokemon can hold items in the Pokeball, and they've been able to since Second Gen! (Which this is, since Feraligatr-zilla said so)
We're baaaaaaack....
Sorry to all our loyal readers! (read: none) But for a long time, the artist and I had to part ways (her parents decided they hated me for ridiculous and arbitrary reasons). Anyway, we're talking again, she's drawing again, and I'm posting again. LONG LIVE THE MASSES!

I shall see all of you Thursday. Signed,

your beloved Nick-Cat
And so.....
Well, I had an interesting Labor Day weekend. Hope ya'll did, too. Kiwi gave me some videos to upload on our YouTube channel. I'll upload those soon. Until then, enjoy the continuing antics of The Masses.
Birth of Tradition.
A wise man once said "New Traditions can be born with a single new act." Actually, that's a lie. I said that. BUT, regardless, it's true in this instance. Because most of the masses are based on real people, they have real birthdays. Expect more of these pictures on the Thursday nearest to Marty, Kiwi, Vanna, and Liz's birthday, as well.

In other news, I, the glorious and beloved editor of Th!s S!de Up, turned 19 yesterday. Hooray. *coughwhatauselessagecough*.

Have a good Weekend, and I'll see you readers next Tuesday with The Masses latest adventure. 'Till then!

- Nick-cat
The Editor is taking over!!!
So, the artist of this webcomic (Kiwi) is a lazy bum. Knowing that she had plenty to upload, I, the tech monkey and editor (NicK-Cat) badgered and bothered her until she e-mailed the comics to ME. Now, I will do my absolute darndest to make sure that Th!s S!de Up gets to YOU, the wonderful reader, every Tuesday and Thursday! LONG LIVE THE MASSES!!!
Yeah, this isn't going to end sure to keep your eye out on YouTube for The Real-Life Masses!