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Just an average guy who is a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, With my top 3 favourite characters being:

1. Miles "Tails" Prower
2. Shadow the Hedgehog
3. Sonic the Hedgehog
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@TeamSonicPrez: yeah, I know... I got really lazy with this one, lol
@Draven22: Oh no, It's okay, It's my fault anyways for thinking anyone could recognize me through some text and a username, silly me.
Yeah, Yeah, this is lazy I know, I am just still unsure if I wanna stay yet.
@Draven22: shadow228, is me... I am finishing my comic here and then moving to that account, TSP just invited me back for when I move accounts.
Another something from my deviantART page, enjoy.
What's he hiding?
@theawesomepizzaman: banning you? when did I ban you?
And now we get the arrival of Mecha Sonic!!! ooooooooooh....
@theawesomepizzaman: Well I like making these. If you don't wanna read it, then don't. Simple as that
Here's something from my deviantART page.... hope you like :)
@theawesomepizzaman: not really, and you just said you're being biased in the sense I was talking about, and by the way.... work out a schedule for your own comic.
@theawesomepizzaman: Wow, you just described your own comics too,all you have are showcases and very few imaginative things besides reused unfunny jokes, with your Stock MS Paint, "look what I made" kind of feel, and btw... if others like it, let them read, not just blatantly shoving out an explination of what all sprite comics and comedy itself is, I may reuse jokes, once and a while... but not as an annual thing, I make these comics, slaving over Photoshop for hours, because I want to and I know others like it, thank you for your time...

even though you probably won't read all of this and be all biased about it :(
@TeamSonicPrez: No prob, I'll see what I can do
Well,chalk another one up for the awkward moment count
I was too lazy to make a comic today, so here's something I drew during a break from testing at school today.

That is where you can view my sprite comic SATS, or Shadow all the Same, this is one of the many comics from the ongoing series, enjoy :)
and this is why Sonic needs to have social services called on him.
.... a pink hedgehog is thrown at you by Homer Simpson

NOTE: Yes, I do know awkward is spelt wrong in the last panel... stupid me :(
@jakeroo123: Alright fine, you win, just drop it, no need to obsess over anything