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This site brings back weird memories

very fever dream feel

it reminds me of fairy rings

this comic is so beautiful your style is extremely appealing
Danny knows WHAT IS UP
its because Jock wont freaking SUPPORT HIM

Jock my god hes speaking plain english why are you so confused
Payton I love you so much omfg pls

The rock knows wassup its probably shitting on the carpets on purpose cause Jock wont pet him

and on that note LOoKiT ThAT CutE POuT ON jOCk <3 ;o; <3 <3
hes gonna need to buy more toilet paper and go on a grocery run now that theres gonna be 2 of em :0

not to mention rock sempai...
i love that danny is actually an old man deep inside though...
too much kawaii for me wooh

But being stunt twig #1 could open so many doors for you

Today stunt twig #1 tomorrow ironmans scotch glass...

Danny mah man so eloquent... So poetic
Sanders asks the important questions

jjjjjjooooooocccckkkkkkkkkkk you precious loser Omfg belly pudge sbsbbdbj

Yes belly pudge is the best thing ever
Just weee little pudge right there like pinch pinch motherfucker
My pants are most certainly not alright LISA

Jocks little pudge shvbbkjeefjdbkwjs //love

Drama llama
Jocks outfit really speaks to me on a spiritual level

Sanders u had ur chance with dem shorts move on no one likes a clinger

Q my love pls Sanders face is the face i dream of also thinking of u as Lisa is so weird :'D
I won't speak of it if u dont //menacingly spits at ground

Fukin sjhdjdjjehux jocks face im cry
Im laughing so hard at panel 2 omfg why is it so funny to me im dying

Ah yes bosom mhmmm good good my briefcase agrees

Plot twist: we are stunt twig #1
Doctors said i dont got too long to live


//precious few tears

I just... your updates kill me
sometimes i am danny
and sometimes i am stunt twig#2
U beautiful dork i havent even changed my name since the murder debacle of '07

Nnnno nooooooo there is no scenario where these two a-holes shouldn't talk to each other D}':<

That icon took me a while but WHATEVER

Ur the best harem a secretary bird can have bo
Mmmm yes rice good good

Fukin.... threw him out a window
I forgot this was a cartoon for a sec ohohohoho
I like how u dress him it gives me the happies /its a serious disease serious doctors study it/
You.... ARE the harem???? // cries about it

Omfg i am the barbie in your dollhouse of feelings // also cries about it
Was that... rice?? xD

So many new characters... (2 is a lot cuz i mean who can even count that high???)

Yes, this is good
Im about to slap your bitch ass fais wumun.

I knew i should have left u for belindas harem