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I like movies, art, ice cream and puppies!!

I'm from the flat and awesome province of Alberta (the Southern part with cattle, canola fields and horses) Where i worked in Fort Macleod's NWMP and First Nations Interpretive Centre (aka the Fort Museum which is where i got my inspiration for RcW!

I just Graduated from Capilano U's animation program! I'm super busy so updates may be here and there, but I will do my best with keeping the story going!

Redcoat West's site is !!
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    Natalie Asplund
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SO this is like month late... not like it should be a surprise to anyone :I

The site crashed as well as my harddrive... right before i went on Holidays in Decemeber, so i was trying to get that all settled before i left... then when i came home right before new years, i was well on my way to finishing the page aaaaaand the horses busted into the hay and i had to fix a fence... or really build one... you want a challnege, try to dig post holes in the frozen Canadian ground with a manual post hole auger! NOT easy. Anyways, so i apologize, it's late, but we are now low on hay, so it's a pretty ... not good thing... So apologies, I think some sort of unseen power is doing its best to stop me from updating regularly.
I believe something i am most excited about, with this comic is the beautiful skies i will be able to digi-paint. i have yet to be convinced that there is anywhere else in the world that can match Alberta (or the Canadian prairies in general) skies.

the panels are smaller than usual, i dont think i like it as much, it's harder to read and seems a little cluttered... now i know... You'll notice i didnt really number this one "right" but i'm a slightly superstitious and like to take precautions :> so i did mean for it to be 14.

and again a HUGE thanks to Carl Brave rock and Dr. Ramona Bighead for the phonetic Blackfoot translations!
@RaptorBat: Ah! thank you!! Western Canadian history is my fave!! Thank you so much for watching!! hope you like the story!
Sorry this is a week late, i wanted to try to update every week, but school homework has done its best to make it impossible.

Yet i will keep on fighting

first panel killed me p.s.
i apologize that you all had to wait so long for such a simple strip :(
So i finally finished this panel. I bought myself some Due South to keep me motivated :I yay Due South.... (wow i'm such a nerd)

only 2 more panels til we start Chapter 1!! YAY!