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theses accounts don't have much i'm too busy an all XD

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February 10th, 2011
FOR GODS SAKE someone needs to make a janitor plushie! XDD
January 30th, 2011
I love the pervy janitor! xD

I agree with Kuuutai there needs to be a janitor plushie xDDD
January 12th, 2011
LMAO I can't enough of the janiter so cute LOOL
December 10th, 2010
ahhh~ only your comics make me smile and giggle EVERY TIME! ;A;

awww haruuuuuu~ <33333
LOL I smell a hint of crutters here >u> so cute
oh meh gawd! I love this page oh so much~ so CUTE!
oh mah gash! ahhh so cute. :>
hahaahahah! oh kyle~
yes its your turn XD
I couldn't stop laughing when i read this XDDD
leave it to kenny to snatch those cookies XD
mmm cookes....
Kennys hungry hes ALWAYS hungry XD
I draw sketchy and too lazy to color or make it look better LAWL (the banner I used was found on google BTW)
LOL this reminds me when were on msn I'm craig and your butters LOOOL
I miss my pen tab ;m; oh don't worry butters and craig aren't dating >w>
Daaaaaw lights so cute when he's like that >u<
Awwww this page is so cute ;m;
Stan making others do the dishes for him *tsk* * tsk*
awwww craig ;m; looks like I'm up
again...DAT ASS! XD