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Turbo the Hedgehog
I love Sprite and always want to make something with them like a video or a comic and when I found this site, i know this is the best place to do that! I mostly used sonic sprites!

I also love Sports like Soccer and baseball and I love video games too like Halo 3, MW2, COD:WAW, Assassin's creed 2, and Halo ODST!
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    you want to know, well here! *Chaos Spear*
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@jameswolf100: Damn. Amazon is getting Aggressive with their delivery 0_o
I brought like $100 worth of stuff.What about you guys?
What? What do you mean it been a year..?
poor Spik. He's very confused XD
Hao finally re-group with the gang, and they give him a "warm" welcome back :3
I guess Hao has very "unorthodox" ways to deal with things huh?
And here I thought a new era was going to begin between you two.... NOPE! lol
In my defense. Nitro look a lot like a thief from behind.
ohhh buttons!?! lol
If Hao does this to murderers, I wonder what he does to cheaters?
Did they?! I should have gone over that with them...
at least I have benefits now!
Turbo is finally back in non-combat soil. But what will await him back home!?
all good vacations must come to a end. ;3
Oh good. The house is still there. So I didn't leave the oven on.
A Update with Turbo in it!!

Yo BTW Parrish I updated my sprites alittle bit, you want the updated one?
It about time you came back, Parrish
it weird timing since I just decided to come back to SJ as well

Can't wait to see!!!
since it over, we should mark the comic as complete