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Hi. I am a complete newbie on comics. I've never done anything close to a comic except if you count a page of scribbles. So yeah...
Most of my projects are never updated, never completed.
Some are completely deleted.
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What time do you have to wake up for school?
For me it's 5.
January 18th, 2011
Uh ... uh uh.
I really love this comic!
Your art style is wonderful and really fits the atmosphere.
Poor guy, I feel really bad for him!
It wasn't his fault that he tripped or how he missaid 'six'
September 4th, 2010
I think Loke is my new favorite character. He's just so funny!
Camilo... you bring shame upon your gang-thingie.
Wow, your style has changed a lot! I actually enjoy your older style though, it fit with the whole comical feeling of the comic... idk.
LOL at Oak in the reflection.
Paris is my new favorite character!