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Noooooo not the caterpies!!!
Attack of the cutest things evar!
Seriously, you made those caterpies ridiculously cute. But they are probably going to be squished. *sigh*
Best opening to a comic ever.
Man, I don't think I can take another Metapod battle.
I really like this Metapod for some reason. It is adorable.
Bwahahahaha Panel 6 I love how bored it looks.
LOL "Thanks" I really do hate all of the talk trainers do in the game before the battle. ;)
...I hope that pickachu is used. And Atty will order it to electrify the Bugman. He has only been in the story for like 5 pages and I all ready hate him.
Fifth panel = me on rare non-rushed mornings. Ed is adorable.
George...<3 I am glad DT got a hug...FINALLY. And now, the Pikachu! I hope it is lazy and has a five o'clock shadow. hurhur.
D: asdljaslkjd
:) I am so excited!!
Well, Thaddeus found DT. D:
She is so cute. She is not shipping material though. 8D
Those are sum awesome trees though.
Hrm...Just started reading, and it is sort of nice to see a new twist on pokemon. Hrmm...
I love how creative all the monsters are. They are so awesome. Especially the one in the very back that looks a bit like a Easter Island head.
Bwahhaha The deformed character is so cute.
With the blush marks she looks alot more like a girl, especially in panel 6. Eh, she was cute to begin with.
*back on subject* well, I love George's backpack.
Atty got a fangirl girl. Hooboy. I thought she reminded me of a Naruto fangirl.