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So people. This is my motherfucking Smack Jeeves accounts, so you can get the hell out of here or read the rest of all the shit i got.

I'm a spriter, i do edit and i'm regetting interested in MapleStory Spriting..

My current interest: Minecraft, MapleStory sprites and ninja

I dont know what to says more.

Statut: inactive.
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    Why would you know that ?
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That's just one coincidence that just happen here. I was watching Terraria videos on YouTube, then I decide to go check for updates on SJ. And the first one have to be Terraria related.

Pretty random huh ?
@Zpawn: Hm, well theres the new version of my furry sheet on DeviantART. If you want to see it, the link for my DA is on my profile.
Hey, its my old me.
Stopped right at 1000 comics.
@Irene the SeedrianRabbit: Well, Forest is basicly a stupid kid on the internet who think Sonic recolors are awsome, and DBZ is cool (while actually its not, its just the worse and most overated anime ever).
-Super mushroom.
-Portal sphere.
-Sub Zero.
-Face thing from Alien.
-An elite from Halo.
For some reason, this make me think of the cromwel invocation from Hellsing. Don't know why.
*Thumps up*
Same as everyone above me.
@Klonoacomics: A really contagious virus that can kill its victims by preventing them from breathing.
Where did you get the sprite you edited for the "special moves" ?
@CreatorZone: Jeff, my pants are fine, its just my style.
This is basicly the version of Saumon that should be use in case me or someone want to animate him.

I wanted to give him a scarf a ninja gloves, but i didn't wanted to because i was lacking of idea/skills.
@Hydra: But fusionkirby did what ?
Actually im working on some minor revamping on Saumon, and this is going to be his new weapon. I called it the "Tron Magnum", because of it's black with blue streaks color sheme.

Its a pistol type gun that load 7 plasma round magazins. And in comparation with some other pistols, the Tron Magnum's loaderis in the barrel instead of the handle.
@CreatorZone: God, your not even better.
This is me trying to sprite using someone else style "mixed" with mine. I originally started this sprite a few days ago, and i just finish it today.

So, this is another nameless dude. He can control sound wave and lights. The green parts of his fur and clothes can glow in the dark. And that was a quick shot of him.
Is that Sonic and mephilies yaoi i see the layer ?
Ad is right, do we need more of these shits around ?