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Im a rabbid jrock and japanese urban tribes fan~~
All my stories are really into those things
My english is crappy because im from Argentina, that means that spanish is my first languaje
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I wanted him to look cute :3 he stole a ring ^^
its name is going to be Jerry the starfish (?) ok, no xD
sorry for make you wait D: it looks horrible, I know u_u
I almost forgot how to draw with the PC D:
I call reply 8D!
Karasu: that sounds... weird~~ D: are you trying to scare me or what??
Syugai: yeah, tell him~~ let's see what he does XD
Karasu: *pokes Syugai* what means... to.. "do" someone? (the innocence, it burns)
LOL I love it~~ Poor Ikea xD
Karasu: I can see my reflection on your pants 8D

He is... so... AWESOME
Karasu: *cryes like a little boy*

Yeah~~ and those with the ridicusly (SP?) aDORKable designs too xD like tediursas (can I have your msn? LOL PM it to mee~~)
Karasu: ouchie ;_;

D: its pretty hard to choose which one to make >-< I always liked those with "Dark~~" designs xD
Karasu: I like you hair~~ *touches*

8D I like him~~ I was going to make an Absol too xD, but well, you won~~
Karasu: its sooo pretty~~
we need to designate all the roomates D:
WOW! Its a male Kirlia!... WO! xD I tought I was never going to see one of these!
Karasu: *pokes him* o.o
Pokemons are always fighting... It has to be something weird if they DOESN'T any scars LOL
"Ok... I'll take my clothes off... But you say that we are going to have fun, right?"
Don't know who the hell he is talking to... D: don't kill me... I tried to do something different...
Is he going to remove external organs as well? D:
Its seems that the mere prescence (SP?) of Karasu brings bad luck LOL and now, that bad luck is attached to Cobi D: poor little and angry guy...