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I am Nothing, but a Gaurdian... WHo loves comics
Keep it up. You're going places, kid.
To Author: What was it like to be on a hiatus?
> Wait for Nin (Halting progress)
>Visit Your Sensai To Rest
>Don't Burn Down The Forest/Village and Move on
Fourthed Alienoid's?

I don't Know, The only Time The Comic make sense are when there's awkward moments or when Apple, Alienoid, and/or Solara makes a successful comment. =/
>Take Some time to Rest

We're not that cruel :3
That looks like 4 blocks to me. :3
All He Done is help Megaman, How that Karma?
SonnavaGun. Who Knew?
Previous Comment. >:3
Third Apple :3
> Take Yah's Suggestion
> Respond to His Question In A Light Tone, Expecting A Rumor And/Or Warning
>Ask for And Deal With Yah's Problem.
Hey A Leay Bar Cameo or So I Conclude...
>Answer The Mysterious Stranger's Question Hoping for (Useful?) Infomation.
I did what you asked! Just don't hurt them... DX