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i get lonely easily and comments are my driving force!♥
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@tj: a-ah this is probably the longest comment i've ever received and i love it ; A;♥ thank you for looking!
i have to say though, none of the writing is mine! this is just a comic version of a fanfic i read years ago and fell in love with, written by daikonkid~ the link to the original story is on the credits page/first news post i believe :).
yeah, the banner and layout are 2+ years old, and after reviving the comic i've been dying to redo them =A=. next time i have some free time, i'll be sure to fix them up! thanks so much for the lovely comment, i am so motivated to work harder now ( * m*)g!!

@korumi: haha yup he's getting there :'D.. thanks for looking!♥

@evon: i usually alternate weeks for updating synon/iwal. but i kind of fell behind because. pokemon and school. errr yeah haha
i really don't like capitalizing things but in the end i decided i should at least capitalize names e___e
late update, simple page "orz
sorry guys! school has been busy but i'm trying~ * m*)g
my pages are getting steadily messier
herro herro
sorry for the slow pace of the comic..! i'm trying to speed it up by jamming more text per page. i hope it's ok? 6__9
also this page is kind of messy/rushed lolol but i'm assuming people would take timelier updates over prettier pages.. right? 8'D
lolol fuck furniture
guys my pages are getting really repetitive-looking :|
kibum, you so manry
in this comic: killer-smile gun-show kibum! just in time for his (rumoured) return for suju's 5th album♥

this one is a little short, i didn't make another one to go with it, sorry ;__;. i have a huge load of homework to get to and i'm working on, like, two other comics lol /bad idea

also, there's a doctor who reference in there. somewhere. :'D
@JoyChan: haha, are there even any other marth/roy comics here? XD thank you so much for reading!♥

@Evonlas: holy shit i can't believe you bothered to check up on this. also you stretched my layout you whoreeeee D:<
January 23rd, 2011
i have no idea why, but there's something about zeus that made me adore him from his first appearance in the comic (or maybe i'm just shallow cause he's really hot lololol)

the ero-game one :Q___________________ hayyy zeus
oh my god
i recently went back and looked at my old and unfinished webcomics and was overcome by extreme nostalgia. i miss working on these!! and i can't just quit this story before it even gets to the main plot. it's not fair to the author and it's not fair to the people who were interested in the comic ;0;

so i've decided i want to continue this. updates will still be slow but i've decided i'm going to start drawing them traditionally because i always doodle in class anyways, and i might as well be productive while doodling in class. so, slight style change here :'D
and you might have noticed that the authors for this comic changed. this is my new account for... fan-comics. as in, like, not original characters and stuff. people just write such good stories and i have to draw them.. ;__;

anyways.. after one year, i guess this comic is back! are there any readers left? haha..
@NeKoHina: I LOVE YOU TOO. thanks for stopping by to comment bb C:
these are coming so slow, i'm sorry ;____;. i promised myself i would draw a bunch over winter break, but it turns out this is all i got done <//3

and! it's actually around this comic's one-year anniversary since i started drawing it (originally posted up on my lj). it's been one year, and i've only done 10 parts. omg kill me.

happy birthday to sungmin, who gets to be in this part! C:
September 17th, 2010
adflksjfds zeus why you such a qt pie! ; A;♥♥
September 16th, 2010
in this strip: zhoumi (legs, nose), kyuhyun (snarky bitch)

finally, an update \o////!! school has started now so i will be really slow :C.. well, slower than before. that's like double the slow.


*"earthquakes are not happy. earthquakes are very sad.": during an interview, mimi was talking about earthquakes and made a very bad choice of words. (though if you watch the video, you can tell he didn't mean it that way)
**"it was just a cyworld entry": shortly after hangeng's lawsuit was announced, kyu posted a ~*`DEEP`*~ cyworld entry. fangirls raged.
@mokia: YAYYY nice to see some other suju fans on here :DDD. yeah, it's really horrible, esp. cause he was probably the member closest to being my bias ;n;. i'm drawing this comic partly to make myself feel better about the whole situation, haha...
of course heechul would be able to befriend a seven-headed charizard
in this strip: leeteuk (emoteuk), heechul (dragontamer divabitch), drakyung

waah, just came back from a two-week long vacation to china~ had a lot of fun and am now super jetlagged +___+


*"i think i'll name you hankyung": hannie is chinese and speaks charming fail-korean. heechul often makes fun of/imitates it (members page kk)
@Zelarkian: 8D yep, you're first comment~ it gets pretty empty around here sometimes hehe
thanks so much~ the art tends to be super simplified and rushed so i can get it done quicker than usual, but i'm glad you still like it C:

@Monochrome: i love you for reading this hehe~ those panels are my favorite too LOL
@Mission^666: lol yes, he's getting ready to kick some dragon butt * n*)g thanks for commenting~

@featherie: AHA, you appear! and idk about spotting on this site LOL. and he DOES, colouring him made me hungry .__.

@yaoi_loverz: 8D hello again!! thanks for commenting over here too~

@Zelarkian: i-i love you too!! i'm glad the comic's presence on smackjeeves makes you happy 8D
your comment is too kind~~ thank youu ;n;<3

@Monochrome: i can't NOT make him pink hahaha 8D thanks!<3

@cupEcake: i have a lot of fun with their nicknames hahaha. thanks so much for all your comments ♥
omg zeussss ;___; he's always been my favorite&#9829;&#9829;
and poor hades too, having to do that D:
@Treite: it's kind of like a zombie slaughter video game or something * u*)b thanks so much for commenting!&#9829;&#9829;


@Monochrome: haha yeah they'd better, or she'll ladle them in the crotch * n*)g
i would masterball that mofo
in this strip: sungmin (pink but deadly), yesung (fail), shindong, eunhyuk. and the charizard.

no more updates for a while cause this is the last part i have drawn lololol D8
han mama is the shit ( * n*)b
hangeng (chinaman) and his mom. and some reporters.

i let my sister colour one of the panels here so if something looks odd, yeah...