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Hi~!! my Name is Boxie, I'm an Artist, i love to draw, i write and illustrate comic books, i make animations, i draw commission work, i drew all through school, i still draw through college, i procrastinate a lot, im very lazy, i love my friends, they mean the world to me, i support them and they support me~! <3

*~ I am a dreamer, who needs reality anyway? ~*

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Please help Melodies!
Support page --->

Hey guys! (i dont usually post these kinda things on smackjeeves, but i really need as much reader support as we can get ; w;/ so sorry for the spam ah hah; )

As mentioned at the mid and end of last year, i was looking into doing some sort of fundraising through crowd funding to get Melodies of the Heart into full time production and use it as a full time job as opposed to having to slowing the series down due to another job.

After seeing a few other webcomic artists use this site, i thought this would be the ideal solution and place to set up for Melodies crowd funding.

I would like to invite you all to check out the fundraising page and consider helping fund the project over here:

Not only will you be helping me achieve my dream of doing this kind of thing for a living, but you’ll also be getting way more content to read way more regularly, plus if Melodies goes well, this will pave the way for my other series waiting to be worked on further.

I’m equally excited and terrified to see how this goes ah hah;

Thank you so much again guys for all your support! As always, it really does mean the world to me <3

Also speaking of the comic! expect a bunch of new pages soon! i took a small break over new years and this week due to my birthday (which is now today :U ohmangold ) so been very busy heh <3 but regular updates are resuming now so stay tuned!

Also if anyone wants to help spread the word and reblog this its greatly appreciated! <333

and for anyone whos new to the series you can read the Melodies of the Heart Comic here

Also if you could help spread the word-- by faving this post, sending it to a friend or rebloging the tumblr post here:…

it would be greatly appreciated ;; w;; <333
ahhh oh gosh!! Q 7Q!!
thank you so much! <33 I'm honoured for Melodies to be awarded the kudos for great cast! and congrats to the winners, other kudos and all those nominated!! <3 well done everyone! <33
@OliveEwe: heh thank you very much ; w;! that makes me happy to hear <333 glad you're enjoying it <3
@Myth2: oh man; i didnt realize that page was broken, thanks so much for letting me know! I've fixed it now :D <3
and thanks so much ; w;! <3
@Eilonwyn-chan: oh gosh thank you very much q uq! <333
@DevilApples: thanks so much! :D <3
@Tha same guest: Guest (sorry i dont know your name ; v;), would you mind sending me an email with your hospitals name and its address, I'd like to send you guys some of the printed books of MotH c: <3

My emails
@Guest: oh wow ; A ; thank you so much for all the kind words <3 I'm so glad you enjoy the series so much, and that it has such a meaning to you and can help you in some way q u q <3
I hope you're doing well with everything, you sound like a very strong person <3
Thank you for reading and supporting <3
@*Kuroneko*: maybe~ maybe not~ you'll have to wait and see <3
@*Kuroneko*: daw thank you Q u Q <333
@yellowpenguin: thank you x3 <33
@ColourfulGoldfish: you'll find out soon enough < u >~
@theYellowPenguin: heh thanks ; w ; <3 and hello > u </ <3
@Shu-sama's: oh mai gosh, i totally didnt realise that till you said that xD <3 i can see what you mean ah hah <3
@preciouspenguins: oh mai > w <; thanks so much lol pleasedontdiethoughlol Q w Q