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I like lots of stuff. Myspace, Swords, Music, Women, Drawing, sprites, comics, etc... Contact me if you want to know more.
Your mom... and a mouse.
You still participated and won several games. Including the Circle Jerk Cake Walk.
He was at the MLM Marathon Charity Event for Carpal Tunnel. Trying hard to raise money for the patients that need a cure.
We should make fun of other "Halo Online" Sprite comics.
If you would have changed Humans to Gentleman, this would have been perfect.
September 24th, 2009
You say that like you are waiting for an erection. Eh?
Please tell me I'm not the oldest here.
Quit trying to correct stuff.

It could be powered by those jars of semen for all we car. WE RANDOM.
I know right.
First, look at the computer.

Second, I didn't do it.
Look, it's kind of animated.
A civil war sounds pretty nice. XD
Do not put me in your comics. I'm going to update soon with my own little thing.
Balls drop yet, or they still tucked away?
First, which arm?

Second, if it's the right. Don't jerk off that many times.

Third, if second does not apply (highly doubt it) how did you do it?
C is for Carcass...
You know you'd let it in.