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Is a husband, father, graphic designer, stand-up comedian, cartoonist, lover of ice cream.
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TLC New Home
Quick update Smackjeevers! Tastes Like Chicken can now (also) be found at!

What's Crash Land Studio?
Well, for a few years a few friends of mine and I have all been collaborating, working toegether, cross-promoting each other's work - so we decided to do it a bit more formal-like. Head to the site to check out more art and other webcomics like the wacky "This is How We Met" and the alien adventure "Spaced Thing".

Additionally - quick update on the Araknid Kid front - I've been to a couple conventions and the first issue has been well recieved! Working on the next one right now... but in the meantime: I came across a site the other day that's like "Threadless" for toys - If you think an Araknid Kid figure would be awesome Click here and vote for it! You'll have to register real quick and hit one of the numbers to cast your vote (the "5" works well ;) ) Hopefully I'll get enough votes to put it into production and can use all the help I can get! Thanks!

BTW head to TLC portion of the Crash Land site to check out TLC comics that haven't appeared here yet
Inspired by a true story.
Yes, this semi-sorta-kinda happened with a friend of mine.

Side note: OVER A MONTH SINCE MY LAST COMIC!!! Unacceptable. Thanks for the notes and emails, it's been a hectic month with multiple transitions (not only did I move, but I was also promoted in my day job)

The good news is that things are starting to settle and I'm getting back to the drawing board more and more often. In fact, I'm aiming to drawing regularly during my lunch breaks and many days you can catch me live at Ustream stop by starting around 12ish EST (How's that for specifics? ;) I usually update when I'll be on via Twitter
Don't ask
Just one of those thoughts that evolved from another random thought...

On a side note: My family and I are preparing to move in a few weeks, and with the fun of moving comes the fun of moving costs! So I'm having a Moving Sale. I'll be doing commissioned art for a bit and it's also a great time to order a print of your favorite TLC toon! Click here for more details.
Thanks to @ericmerced for this week's topic "Clowns"
Yeah, did I go too obvious? I was just going to leave it with the "mice" bait without the "catfish" though bubble
It is what it is...
Just sayin'
Mr.Zobe: Than what would he drive? (Happy Belated Birthday BTW)

TheGreatYoshiRider: Maybe? Paul was a pretty crafty guy. (thanks)
This week's toon was inspired by the super-creative Maxx! Check out his comic that sparked this idea by visiting my site
Thanks guys! Thanks for the Spotlight Smackjeeves!
Thanks to @AverylHill for this week's topic! Do you have one for me? Topic Me
You guys are funny. Comments are one of my favorite parts of doing these toons, I never know what you're gonna say
Thanks Taknamay
HA... it's true. Very optimistic
Another "Topic Me"
Thanks to Chris Quimby for suggesting the theme "Messy Room", the inspiration behind this toon. For info on how YOU can TOPIC ME! Visit this link
Tis the season
The most wonderful time of the year, Front-end Alignment season! This toon was inspired by seeing some of the worst potholes in Maine at the Pothole Patrol page Click here to see them!
Thanks to @Whisperingloon for suggesting this week's TLC topic via Twitter!

And in other news, Araknid Kid was reviewed the other day! You can read that by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by!
Ice Sculptures
This week's toon was inspired by some events at a local "Winterfest". To see the sculpture that inspired this toon (and check out a brief vid of the day) Go here
The telegraph system of the interweb
If you have a twitter account, I can be found right here
Man it's been a while! Things have been SUPER hectic round here, not hectic enough to NOT do TLC, but hectic enough to not have time to post... unless I force it ;) Anyway, here are the two comics from last week (this one and the one before this). Not sure if this is how you actually "call a shot" in pool... so I faked it.

In other news, you can pick up the print edition of Araknid Kid RIGHT HERE

Not sure how many of you are on twitter, but sometimes (like for this one) I draw it live via uStream. I don't have a schedule (yet?) but I usually tweet when I start. Click here to follow me

Until next time!