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john burwood
I enjoy comics, traveling, spending time with my baby daughter and eating Thai food!
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    john burwood
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More to come..
I will post the title Page and a bonus page about Chut Wutty on Sunday. It seems my files for those two pages are too large,and because I'm currently away with only a tablet I am unable to decrease their size at the moment. My apologies for this not being complete.
Bopbia is the nickname of sa's niece, means springroll in Thai. Sawadee-khab means hello by a male speaker.
changing chapters
You might have noticed that this was the title page for chapter 3. a-har - you're correct!!I decided to swap title pages since this one suits what's going to happen in chapter 4 better. I know, my TP's usually don't have anything to do with the story, so this is a first. Please go check out sps03 01 for the real new title page!
Baht is the currency off Thailand.
page 16 coming later today!
should have another page up tomorrow.. i'll try my best!
50 pages... long over due, but still feels good!
nice colors.. this comic looks really cool, all the colors go really well together.
Geng is the name of Yai's husband. It means to be good at something or to have talent.
Jun's teeth
You probably noticed that the character Jun has teeth that appear to be dark. That's because her teeth are stained from chewing betel nuts, which provide a mild stimulant, and is sometimes mixed with tobacco.
looks like you painted this with acrylic paint, maybe on canvas or board. Or was it done using computer? All the same, very nice piece!
Very nice work - beautiful art! is it drawn using a mix of ink and pencil? the rain looks like it's drawn in pencil, am i right?
john burwood
January 11th, 2011
I really like the 2nd and 3rd panels. The close up of the foot tapping, and the close up of the phone, and then the perspective shot from above is a really nice combo.
I'll beat you to it!!
HA HA- CHANCE!! While you're no doubt busy playing video games, I'm going to post my "pedestrian gets hit by bus" page BEFORE you post yours...MU-HA-HA!!Of course I've got at least 3 hours of scanning/toning/lettering still to do, so I hope you play video games for at least that long :)
it's been a really busy week for me.. i've got to get to work and post the two pages that i've already inked (still need to scan,tone and letter). hopefully i'll put them up either today or tomorrow.
More, more!!
The action starts to pick up from here?...Is this a cruel joke?!!... Chance, put away those video games and get drawing!! Your fans are waiting!
john burwood
October 30th, 2010
great art work!
I praise the artist here. You took the time to do some great comic art, and clearly put a lot of effort and thought into it. The use of color is VERY well done - it's a treat to the eyes! Too bad that the lettering is so tiny. Some balloons are almost impossible to read.
Next up...
Thanks for your kind comment. This is it for Bob and Steve, it was only ment to be a 30 pg short story, but I have another 22 pg story with different characters completed. I only have to do the lettering and toning, so it will be up in a week or two. I will post it right here, only I will change the url to Two Spirit Stories. Please check it out!