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I'm a freelance illustrator & full time animator from India & also the creator of the webcomic, The Beast Legion.
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    Jazyl Homavazir
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This is such a great page!!
DAmn! I didn't see this coming... so soon atleast.
WOW wasn't expecting things to go down this way. Awesome twist.
Have feeling this showdown ain't gonna end well. But it was bound to happen I guess.
Looks like things are going downhill really fast!
Man this prince is sick! But I wonder what's making the dead body move... or she is still alive?
July 4th, 2013
This is really innovative. First of it's kind if i'm not mistaken. Keep up the great work!
First panel expression is too cool. But come on, that's the best she could do with magic.
Glad to see he's feeling better after that ride.
Yikes. He just snapped Big time.
I don't think the guys evil, and I doubt he can do anything that bad.
Was expecting the masked villain on the cover, but this is Awesome too.
Interesting, so is there higher power forcing the goblins to act weirdly or were they just doing it for the bounty?
December 22nd, 2012
Great art so far!
Interesting! she sure has connections in the weirdest places.
Amazing Amazing page! Can't wait to see what happens in Sckryshill. :)
It's going to be interesting seeing this guy in action.
Yup I get that. Too bad for them though.
My My...devious plans unfolding.
Epic last panel!