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short descrption: awesome ;)
likes/hobbies: manga, reading, drawing, sleeping, eating, walking, fun stuff :D
occupation: life
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the masked mans a girl huh? XD
AHAHAHAHA! XD o man they look adorable all blushing so...XD
hehehehehehe! XD
omg so sexy~! kyaaa!!
i couldnt help but think "daaaaamn sexy~..." lol XD
yay! btw ur art is amazing! <3
once i read this i thought "do it do it do it" lol xD worth the wait! but omg! plz post faster!
yay! ur back! plz try and upload more pages! we've been waiting for so long! :D
awwwwwww! so much blushing and cuteness from this page! i <3 u author!!!! XD
*gasp* *silence* lmfao XDDDDD
oh! i love u author! keep posting pages!!!! XD
ahhh!!! plz plz plz make more pages!! XD it would brighten up my day soo much!!! and shira-kun looks hot all frazzled! omg~! i love haru's mom! great job! :D
i love hades! and dont over exert yourself my dear dear author!! if u die while trying 2 finish this then we will never know what happens! (jk sorta lol) plz slow down and take care of yoursef!! :)
1st!!!! and hades is NICE! how dare she!!
ahaha XD i knew it was a fake win! that guys 2 nice! XD
gosh u draw the manager freakin hot! XD
lol "hide it with oyour arms" stf haha XD
lol he rly is just an idiot who doesnt know how 2 flirt XD