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Hope you enjoy chapter 1's first page, so, all of Youth's pages are probably going to look like that :3

Greg is not gay, or acting gay. He just, likes to spaz, and go hyper about cute things. (No offence to anyone, seriously, I support you guys :D)

So, i hope I don't make Greg so girly....yeah :)
Thanks XD

I think fox-kun looks more like a flareon then an eevee, thanks for the comment.
hope you enjoy this comic :)
5th page.
4th page, enjoy :D
3rd page, now introducing Gregory Nelson, his nicknme is greg though
2nd page, introducing Drew Anderson (the black haired)
resizing everything
ok, i'm resizing everything since i've just noticed that my pages are too big XD sorry about that, I'll also post the rest of the pages for the prologue. After that, I'll finally start the story, though, it will probably remind you of a drama/manga...yeah. XDD This comic is just for fun, so, it'll probably be in sketches or in black and white. enjoy :)
Enjoy :D
I'll probably post every so month when i don't have so much homework, so here it is. enjoy :D
September 9th, 2010
I never really updated much, i have an excuse, i just started highschool. So i don't know very much about it either and get lost all the time. And due to that, i have future projects and homework to come. So I'm going to be super busy. I don't know if i should continue this but only update on saturday, or i should totally stop. I want to hear you're decisions on this. If not, it's alright, i might decide later.
September 1st, 2010
One day Late
yes, so what if I'm a day late?! I got it in at least :P so, yeah. Busy alot yesterday so managed to finish this morning, whee!

Idea by my friend Sam again, though i changed it alittle :D
So I hope you enjoy this page :3 and if you're wondering, that's a wolf's eye section of the area that fox-kun drew :P that was my first time to draw the eye on photoshop, so i'm very proud of this page. I just noticed that bunbun is left handed, let's just say he can draw/write with both hands.

Great idea from my internet buddy which i only know as Epicraikou :D
I'm late again....Well, I have an excuse!! My aunt was watching dramas on the only computer with Photoshop and my tablet softwares. yeahhhh, this was an idea from my good friend Sam :DDD Since I didn't have any at the moment XD
So yeah, late. So that is why I present a coloured version!!!! Whoo~~ Updating again tomorrow, i guess fullcolor too :3
lol, Kim enjoyed drawing Fox-kun though she thought she mad Bunbun Really ugly D: Enjoy :)
Sorry for the VERY late comic post, sadly this went until friday... This comic explains everything. Kim here finally got her TABLET!! :DDD and since she couldn't call amy because she would always forget, she drew this to subsitute the late comic. The next comic post (which will be tomorrow) is traditional, after that all of our comic pages are drawn on tablet!! yay!

and don't forget our newly made comic, which is soon to be in tablet form on chapter 1's first page :D plz look forward to it.

Yeahhhhhh, this comic isn't really good. But we have a good excuse!! We are working on a new comic, it's prologue is full color and so it's killing Kim here to finish it. Hope you looking forward to our new comic that's coming soon :D
3rd panel scares me, even though i drew it :D