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I like playing video games,spriteing,writing comics and hanging out with my friends.My fave band is crush 40,and i have liked sonic the hedgehog ever since i was 4.I also like nights,mario,megaman,and playing card games.I have a lot of rivals in the comics and in real life.My character is Ace the hedgehog.
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Bowser hit a home run!
Ha ha!Nice one tails!
Bass,you really do suck as a son.
Where the heck did bowser come from?!Yay!GO SONAMY!hah hah!Zero ran into his dad!
He could have picked Bowser.Uh oh wats Sonic gonna do.Yay!I like Zero!
Thank god they left to find Shadow!Please let this be a sonamy moment!And is that megaman X?!What the hell!
Who else!
Blaze,Vector,Charmy,Espio,Rouge,and Omega could join.But then again Shadow's still the best choice.
Who wil be on mario's team? Ohh i feel a sonamy scene coming!:D What the hell was that explosion?!
Luigi isn't even paying attention!
Seriously toad!!WTF!OHH Sonamy!
Sonic would kick ass!He's super fast and super strong and would beat the living crap out that overweight plumber and annoying robot!Plus he could go SUPERSONIC on those fools and show them who's boss