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First of all, I LOVE drawing. I want to be a art teacher when I grow up. I'm new to the Comic buisness but I can't wait to get started :)
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I was there :D And bought a pic of the cover <3 :D I have it hanging up now :)
August 28th, 2010
Hey you
Hey you!

The Crims is currently on Hiatus but its coming back soon! <3 Probably in a week (maybe sooner :) )
August 15th, 2010
Okay, thats it for this week :) The next update will be around friday.
August 13th, 2010
Oh dear, Poor Lia, she looks a bit crazy here. Not my favorite, since it was my first, I promise the next one is better :D
August 13th, 2010
The cover of chapter one, enjoy :)
August 13th, 2010
Yay, I'm so happy that I'm done with this! I'm really happy that I'm able to release it (slightly) on time :) Thank you for reading!
yay, I'm by her hips XD Now next time it just needs to be Jimmy.... lol
O.o Yikes, scared me
I just now realized I had read this before O.o