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Formerly Negative Zero~

Comic-lover and aspiring animator.

Loves singing, writing, drawing, listening to music, etc.
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@A non mouse: if you're ok with spending money, I'd suggest Paint Tool SAI or Manga Studio, if not, I'd suggest GIMP.
I like that he literally ran out of the panel
November 18th, 2015
I liked the larger resolution better, but these are still readable
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: I have no issues, but I'm actually left handed, so I wouldn't.
That alt text is so relatable...
Hey, this page hasn't shown up. It's a gray box saying "image not available".
I'm prolly wrong, but I'm gonna guess that guy had her dad's face or something. We never got to see her dad's face in the flashbacks, at least not so far.
Not sure if it's supposed to be Wigglytuff's dialect or not, but amount is misspelled on the 6th panel
I don't know what made you decide to put this on SJ, but I'm glad you did. It gives me a chance to reread the story!
I love the colors, and how your art has improved since starting the comic. Admittedly I started reading the story because the colors were pretty. I didn't care that much for the story or the art, but your great storytelling shined through.

I like the pacing of the story, it seems leisurely, like days spent in a small town in the country. At the same time it's not too slow. I'm always wanting to see the next page.

You took the challenge of portraying a PTSD stricken veteran well, I think. The character is believable and good at explaining things to Sonia, and the reader by proxy. William is really relate-able and where I can't directly relate to him I feel I can relate to the pain he feels.

All in all this is a really well put together story and I'm looking forward (and dreading) the end of it!
The art looks great in pencil or in ink, but I'd prefer inked pages.
October 16th, 2010
Love the last panel XD
's quite a rare occurrence to see a fur comic on here. I'll watch and see where it goes. :3
Shaddy's got quite a few problems, eh?
That's totally a Super Mario jump right there.
FFFF I know that game...

The one where you impress your girlfriend by driving wrecklessly and running over people, right?

Out Run!