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Getting back to normal updates, I hope!

Gasp. A comic! Let's see if I remember how to do this...

I got Aether a Thunder TM. It already knew Rain Dance. It one-shotted the entire gym. So why not have Ingo come in and do some sweeping. Denny was also epic.

Next time - Perhaps an Up and Down update. I actually had this nearly finished on my computer. And then I got Nakayama. So yeah.
It's weird. I just noticed Cecilias eye colour has changed from blue to brown while I've drawn her.

Anyhow, art to test out my new tablet. My old one broke. Does this mean I'm coming back to this?

Spoilers: yes.



It's a flash. So read stuff over there.



Thank you, Secret Santa~!! :D
@ramon1357: Actually, that's the whole thing which started this whole Nuzlocke plot idea. What if Ghetsis had a means of already controlling the world, in some way.

So, yes, very messed up. c:
@TheProjectCore: ...No.

Emmet/Ingo's are in Johto and Kanto (Why Emmet's is called Emmet's /HeartGold/ Nuzlocke and Ingo is SoulSilver), 15 years before Up and Down. But it is in the same universe - and some things of it are highly connected to Up and Down. I mean, /highly connected/.

Cecilia's is in Unova, in the future - 15 years after Emmet and Ingo's. I wouldn't do three Nuzlockes in the same gen for the same series.

Do you understand, or do I need a huge disclaimer every single page?
@Shawntay: Ponyta, from the Dream World.
@TheProjectCore: Both. This will have both Nuzlockes on it - both Emmet/Ingo's and Cecilias. At the same time.
I hope this isn't too confusing. Silver is SoulSilver, and Ingo's story. Seeing as it's now officially both of their stories.

Also, cameo of Wally the Snover! I guess he stopped being a cartographer...? Or maybe this is an AU him.

Gloop is best Muk. And also - Ingo got the Mascot! I never used Rachel, though. (lol named rachel because ffvi reference - rachel and locke lol)

Oh and yes Ingo did lose his starter. At this time, he started to use Flare. Flare and Fira - best friends?
And now, Up and Down! Featuring Burgh!

This one went though a few re-does, believe it or not. But I needed a way to get Cecilia passed out, for the next comic.

Yes, it's time for dreams, coming up next!

When did he get said Smeargle? Well... remember that I do have a Battle Frontier arc. There's more then one Battle Frontier out there.
Aaaand, we're back. Starting with Emmet and Ingo's Random Nuzlocke - featuring Elesa!

I wanted to do this for ages - give over the Spiky-Eared Pichu. Because :3.

So I did.

Once more, messing with the styles. And yeah. Did... did Emmet just notice?
I'm still messing with styles, even here.
I had to split this one in two, for Smackjeeves.

At this point, I decided to mess with styles.
One of the first things I decided was Elesa having her Emolga with her - she's had it for so long. How good is that? :3

She did have to sneak it over, though.

Also, fly slave has been caught! Woo!
A full-colour pic! Because I felt like it.
As I mentioned, before this, there was no Nuzlocke done for Ingo. And he didn't ever end up with a Magby.

Plot hole!
Sob. Darn that Dragon Rage.
Sadly, those legendaries weren't first captures.

Ingo, however, gets that Palkia. Spoilers? I'll be putting up a list of his captures, because back here, it was still just Emmet's Random Nuzlocke.
Why Elesa? Because she's adorable, that's why.

This is when I decided that Emmet was 14, and Elesa was 8. And also timeline stuff. Ingo is still the older twin, though. Came out first.
The first page! I finished this as the run was also starting.

Back here, there was only fanon to go on for the two kids. That's why Emmet and Ingo have such frozen expressions. When the anime aired, however, I felt better about giving them varied expressions, which'll be shown later.