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Um well I'm Haymay and I finally cracked and got an account on here so yeah. The end?

Oh and I like all sorts of things but what really gets me hooked is if the art is good and its an interesting story.

Any questions?
Fell free to ask I promise I don't bite.
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i really like the first panel, i dunno why i just do XD
im blue! <3 <3 <3
i love blue~!

and thank you for doing such a cute web-comic <3
September 8th, 2010
this is such cute page!

even though hes sewing his head back on XD

and yay you mentioned my picture XD
im still very glad you like it XD
i remeber reading this book in the 8th grade for class XD;;
oh my they have quite rough smex indeed! XD;;
this dude is so crazy!! XD
he looks completely insane but i rather like him! XD;;
have fun at school!! <3
i think the page still looks pretty good even if you say you got lazy! >w<
aww poor thing!
he just dosnt seem intrested in her and she cant seem to get that, how sad v.v

she'll find her price charming one day!
this is so so cute!!!
she scares me ;____;

those are some very dirty little kids XD

still loving the art though, even if i dont like zombies ;w;
August 10th, 2010
hahah this comic is funny and i love the scott pilgrim icon!! XD
bitches get stiches end up in ditches get the riches~~

hahah i love blood on the dance floor! they are so addicting! XD
love your art btw~<3
heheh i love your art its just so cute
i love love love this comic! >w<
i recomeded it to a few friends and they love it too~! <3

and i know yu yu hakusho! ive read the whole manga series and have seen some of the anime when it was on tv! hiei makes me giggle cause he acts way vicious but is so adorible when he is sleeping XD
omg i read like this whole this last night! it was just so funny i couldnt stop reading! XD

i hope it updates soonish! >w<