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Gamer extraordinaire. Warhammer 40k, Magic The Gathering, World of Warcaft, I'll give almost any game a chance, except sports games.
Running a Webcomic based on the Mystic Empyrean Franchise.
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I like how it turned out too =3 though people should realize it's not a single planet depicted here, but an entire universe ;3
Hell Yes!
And we are back and ready to role people! It is good, after nearly a full year or two to be back on track, and I thank EVERYONE who stuck with us through all of this! But for everyone here, if you are going to thank us, direct them purely towards Thindra, I did the easy bit, she has been through a lot and stuck with LT anyway, I just wrote stuff.
Chaos is, well, chaotic
Doesn't much matter the chaos changing shapes and colors, after all :P Chaos isn't exactly going to be stable ^^

Once again we have Chaos Spawn attacking, god I love these things, mainly because they can look like anything XD. In terms of this universe, Chaos Spawn appear when pure chaos (the shapelesss, endless expanse of stuff outside of creation) gets close to extremely ordered places, such as creation. Natural result: The Chaos is semi-ordered, and trys to actively "null" the order around it, turning it back to pure chaos, the agents of this active Nulling are the Chaos Spawn we see here :3
Ancients, got to love them
And we have the return of our ancients, displayed here is our loves set of Navigator Class Ancients, who's job is steering the ships so they don't run into things... like planets (The Exodar from WoW could have used a few of these guys >.>)
February 20th, 2009
From Left-to-Right
Fate, Lord Caernos, and Chance
We'll evneutally have some standardized runes for these guys, the Ancient's written language is all sorted out, and will be used eventually in the comic ^^

Awwww :3
He's so cute when he's angry, who's a good little evil overlord then? Yes you are! Yes you are!


Sorry, first thought that popped into my head. My only regret is that he doesn't- wait... that would be telling ;)
Looking good
I truly enjoy how the Chaos is looking here, completely alien to the rest of the environment.

A breif explanation on perspective. Right now they are on the very edge of Reality, there's a kind of "invisible wall" up between Creation and the Outer Chaos (Which goes on into infinity). The Chaos usually can't come in, but it can when we have massive breaching devices, like this, which leave openings into Creation.
End of the Carvings
And now we can begin to actually meet these interesting characters ^^
The Three
Got to love these guys, they'll influence everything from this point on.

I definitely prefer how Chaos looks now, it's WAAAAAAAAY different from before, and looks more chaotic than static does XD

edit (Jan.11, 2009) for those new readers who are confused, this was not originally the first comic. There were several before it in a much more condensed (and sloppy) version that was my own artwork (which sucked, especially compared to Thindra's) and has since been removed. This comic marked the revival of Lucky Throw after about a year on hiatus, and thus the name and the comments. There has been no story change at all, so don't worry on that account. So please, enjoy ^^
Got to love it
Still can't get over how much better it looks ^^

As for what's going on, well... if you can't figure out what "It" is by the next page, not sure I want to tell you ;3

And a note on Hierarchy, the Architect is in charge here, and certainly the most powerful of the Three. Certain factions, depending on if they are lawful or chaotic on the traditional D&D scale, will give reverence to either the Smith or Piper, rarely both, but everyone respects the Architect.
In the Original draft, the Architect merely left Creation and went into the never ending Chaos outside. Second draft it was he who seeded sentience into the worlds, rather than becoming the first universes. This draft I much prefer. He was too alien, and too powerful a Dues Ex Machina, to allow into the final draft as a single being who could actively interact. Not saying he won't influence the outcome, and you'll learn FAR more about his sacrifice as the series continues, but for now you only need to know that he died and shattered himself to create the universes for life to come into.

The Smith is a character who has appeared in everyone of my RPs and Stories in some form, and thus has a very special place in my heart. What he hid, well, that won't be explained for a very long time... But it was again something to keep him from being too powerful a dues ex machina. But he is still living, and doing something that no one else can do.

The Piper will probably be the most active of the Three in this series, especially in the Prologue. He was capricious and fae (in the old sense of the world) when compared to the other two. As for how active? He's the ultimate trickster, the Pied Piper, the one who will pull tricks to help you, and never hurt you unless you break your word, but he can make deals with anyone, and who he makes a deal with depends on his mood.

Oh, and despite appearances, the High Ones are NOT, I repeat, NOT pencil tips >_>; I don't believe I explained this in the first one, they're supposed to be cowled cloaks.
This is possibly my favorite of the new pages so far... It's powerful, and explains fairly well what's going on, while keeping with the symbols. Only thing I regret about this page is the loss of comedy on the crossing out the 3 instead of four, but small change compared to how much better it looks now :3

For those who need a bit of an explanation as to what The Law is, it's the very rules of reality that keep everything in every universe working. The Tome of Ages is probably no larger than a dictionary, if that. It has a a surface area of a few dozen square inches, but there is no known limit to it's volume.
Thank the maker, but mostly Thindra =D
Good to know ^^ and trust me, I agree, my drawing skills suck, especially compared to Thindra's here =D
Of course we do!
i for one am not abandoning my fellow artist!
I'M IN!!! I GOT MY COMIC UP! okay... so... its not updated at the moment, the image isn't quite getting there... but I'm trying.
SUMMER'S ALMOST HERE!!! And you know what that means...
I'LL FINALLY FINISH PAINTING MY ARMY! now the question is... who's gonna lead my army along side Ko'vash'Shi... Cmdr. Shadowsun... or High Ethereal Aun'Va...
In other news... when's the next update? <.< >.>
...soooo... let me see. the grey night is KB? but who is the apothecary?

And what About KB's girl friend?
Oh and is your screen name the same on the DoW multiplayer servers. I need more practice... and Human players are more interesting than comps (mainly because I'm convinced the comps above Hard difficulty know what you're doing to do, and counter it)
A guess
Let me guess... you got term papers due too right? and thats been slowing up the progress... besides DoW
... well, he's probably going to take a while to fit in, but you could not have chosen a cooler non-commander SM's unit!
...hate, hate, hate grey knights, the bastards slice through my kroot like a hot knife through butter. but its funny when the SM player uses an orbital bombardment at the same time and chase my kroot throught it.
Oh... and grey knights+ enemy heavy artillery=funny... for the guy with the heavy artillery >:D