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This My Side Project

I'm Trolling On comics "Beware"

1) "Trolling On..." Does not support the use of hacking and/or Stealing.
2) All comics used in this belong to their respected owners.
3) This is just for the sake of fun and is not meant to give the Idea of theft.
Link To Comic
I used
This was done using Character Mix by RRRandomness on

I'm still working the Reunion Comic but my lazyness keep me from getting anything done sorry.
Link To Comic
Link here.
I did this on Character Mix on
Personal Life Sucks
Just so much has happen in my personal life that I just forgot to post new comics. If you got a comic you would like me to troll let me know.
Notorious D
October 6th, 2012
The Text
I think you should do the text in photoshop makes it easier to read. If you want to.
If want to ask questions.
You can come ask Evan and his friends questions at
What this?
Are we getting somewhere deep?
Notorious D
July 11th, 2012
Let me get this straight.
It's a comic about South Park thats... Fu*king AWESOME!!!!!!!
Good Idea.
@PeejsterM: Do you have any in mind?
Huge Helpers.
Is there nothing boobs can't do? ;)
The winner is...
Chubb Rock. (Don't get the joke, look it up.)
Just Like A Real Band.
Can't wait for the Reunion tour.
Like a champion
took it in the face like a champ.
Update this!!!!
Link here.
Updates Daily(ish)
The Author of the comic updates daily(ish)
Boom!! headshot!!!
I can deal with that, after all your personal life comes first.