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I like rping, I love yaoi comics. I'm a graphic designer. I want to work on a webcomic but I'm unoriginal when it comes to plots and can only draw chibis and such. Maybe some day I'll work on something if I can find a writer.

I'm a dedicated fan and may even draw fan art for you n_n
no idea how big this is...... anyway we are currently plotting to remake Keni comics. Since we are random we might still update this with cute random things. But we will be having a Keni comics with a plot... don't know what it is yet... but we do know there is a new character and it will be in a new style :D Ty told me to update this... so I did :D
Sorry we haven't updated in a while. Ty hasn't drawn anything for the comic in a long time. And even if she did I have zero motivation to do anything. I've recently been hit by a huge amount of depression I didn't realize I had until now. Sorry to emo-fy your day and stuff but yeah.... I kinda have life issues I'm attempting to work through. I drew this in like ten minutes and will attempt to draw more stuff every once in a while *shrug* oh and X-mas break is coming up so there might not be any posts for a while purely because I can't get to a scanner or a tablet
Shini: BOO-YAH! MADE IN ONE HOUR! ummm anyway. Yeah our schedule might be a tad messed up for a bit because umm... yeah this actually happened to Ty....except her dad has always lived there... the ass hole... ummmm anyway. I gotta go catch the bus. Enjoy Keni's boxers!
ahahahaa! *falls over and smiles*
O....M....G.... *jaws drops in disbelief*
*checks Ridely's back for a 'kidnap me' sign*
Shini says: Sorry it's not finalized, but it's still awesome isn't? Ty developed this awesome new style and stuff and I adores it. What do ya'll think?

And on a slightly unrelated note Ty's in a contest to win a trip to NYC if she gets enough votes so do her a solid and vote. It's abosultely free and hassle free to sign up and you can vote every hour:
holy update batman
Shini; So... sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been working (just got promoted) and the other comic I'm part of (Chateau Yaoi)just got revived and I'm sure when Ty reads this she will giving me some kind of -.- face....

so anyway my big announcement I had promised is *drum roll* KENI COMICS NOW HAS A STORE! Yes that's right: there's shirts and magnets and if there is anything you want to see on anything just request and we will make it

....I also have a store... I could really use the money so yeah... at least check it out
1. Bass looks so kick ass
3. First post! w00t!
Shini says: Surprise! You get to see Kyo's other eye. This was drawn from an rp thing Ty and I are doing. Kyo's eyes are two different colors. Why? Well maybe I'll do something to tell you why *grins* I added the 'Thanx' because you guys have stuck with us for so long n_n
Shini: Sorry for not posting anything for a long time. In repentance for it Ty is making me try to get up a comic everyday this week. *sighs and bows* I will do my best. Now these two are Hunter and Ami. We've wanted to introduce them for a while but ummm... never did but here they are. It was love at first sight *sighs happily* Hunter is a skater boy who is accident prone and ami.....well i'm not sure about ami honestly. I know she has mood swings

Ty saz: -.-

Shini: Anyway. On friday (hopefully) We will have a big announcement so keep checking back ^_~ and if you know it already don't spoil it for others *shakes finger at* oh! And on a random note: SHINI FINALLY GOT PROMOTED!!!
that settles it... I need to go to anime expo....
*screams and buys it*
I got home last night and read all of Book 1 and remembered how much I love it. I found myself completly forgetting I could go online to read more and I was whining "I want book 2" and then I woke up to your announcement *dances* yay!
Shini says: Sorry there haven't been updates. But it was finals.... then my birthday on the 14th.... and the update is early cause I leave for Mexico for a week.... I won't have a comp so there probably won't be one next week either. I'm sorry. Also the characters are Tyler (right) and Kyler (left) they are not part of Keni but we love this pic.

Also check out my friend's comic Pale*Glow. If you like her work show your support and buy something from her shop cause she rocks like that. her stuff is good n_n
Shini says: Sorry for no comic last week. We went to see Kung-Fu panda and things got hectic. So Ty drew this. Things to notice. 1. Keni's new fashion accesory. 2. The poster 3. The new way of line art. This way will never be used again when Shini is in it, because her hair is so light 4. Ty forgot Shini's ears...

And yes, this is what it was like... except I had the food.
it's the map to the hotel... like the one they actually gave you
about a month ago Ty and I went to anime detour and we used totally geurilla'd detour by posting these comics up (there's three of them this is part three and the final part) *points* still not bitter but this one never made it up because we kinda crashed after saturday night and my mom went to the hospital Sunday morning so it was a bit stressful....whatever *sulks*

oh and this series of things were inspired by the manga DramaCon everybody should read it!