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@Miyto: Sorry, forgot to upload the file, all fixed now.
Wow... Completely forgot to upload this after I finished it... Sorry about that.
Getting my fonts back, slowly, as I remember their names.
@asdf: No, it's not dead, I've lost my laptop and I'm in the process of trying to get a new scanner so I can continue.
Sometimes no matter how well you plan something...
Sometimes it's best to just jump in headfirst.
Friday the 13th! Jason movie marathon all daaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Sorry.. Forgot to upload the page after I had finished it..
Sigh.. Sorry.. Forgot to upload this one after I had finished it.
@mhalpern: I've kind of given up there. When they came back, I went to upload some pages, and then it gave me the old 504 error that was happening before they had gone down. I'll give it another try this weekend though!
Ringing in the new year with a blast!
Wednesday comic is up.. I guess I forgot to upload the page.. Sorry!
The events shown here take place shortly after he was blown up in Chapter 4
Oops.. I forgot to upload..
@mhalpern: Thank you for letting me know! I'll go back there and upload as soon as I can.