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Wow, I haven't used this account in two years. o:

I started writing on Tapas, take a look ♥
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He does a ((worry))
@Kirin: LOL
So glad I was still awake for this update ♥
@Muraechi_: I was JUST thinking the same thing ♥
I *just* realized June and I are the same height loool
Rereading it for like the 20th time.
Joa's face. Omfg. I have been fucking blessed. ♥
I have been blessed.
I haven't used this website in YEARS. And this is the first comic and check on AND I EVEN REMEMBERED WHAT CHAPTER I LEFT ON
Omg that face ;;
I loved the new YOI episode. I have to rewatch it with Victor'a POV in mind ;;
They're so adorable omg
LMAO *sweats*
Aww man, excited to see more~