Hello! I'm a perpetually confused college grad and hopeful recreational writer from SoCal~
You can call me by my name, pronounced (kuh-LEE-uh), or my pen name, Fen.
(I say pen name but I'm still struggling at penning down my plot bunnies! haha ^^;)

btw my icon is Killua from Hunter x Hunter (2011) (best anime ever! lol)
and my user name is a character from the webtoon Noblesse~
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I'm sorry "Gan" is a terrible nickname lol
June 19th, 2017
"E como mai" that sounded almost spanish :0
If you get a kitten you better show us! It'll be our new mascot xD
June 17th, 2017
Wooo, fellow grad! Good luck out there!
peace out *drops mic*
Way to hold onto yo man Bailey xDD
Honestly the underwear looks too big to be lingerie
ew that pose is so gross lol xD
Aww that look in panel 1 :(
He wanted to stand out but now he's conflicted

Carl flashback time?
June 7th, 2017
whatever he's selling I'd buy it LOL
Definitely feeling a little bit of that right now, I'm about to graduate university and I feel like I've wasted four years and yet I'm no closer to any sort of life plan, well at least I didn't waste a lot of money on top of that -__-
What!! He's a teacher?!
A teacher has no business being that familiar with a student //sketchy//
How rude
Come motivate me to workout pleaseee
I don't want to be fat on my vacation lol
What?! Noooooo!

Happy Birthday!
Wowww, he just stepped on a landmine lmao
Heyo! Your backkk! So glad to see an update~

..And we're thrown back into the fray lol, this girl rocks
June 3rd, 2017
@Wiiolis: noooo, no one likes long hair on guys but I love it xD