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Dan's Mom. Nuff said
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you so remind me of an old friend whose parachute failed to open...for the first 3 months after he came out of his coma, all he would say (using a magnetic spell board) was "fuck". It's still his most favorite greeting 30 years later.
Benefit #1
Never having to search for the matching sock.

I know it sucks, but still, I hope you will soon find peace. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Someday soon I hope we'll elect a government that will provide appropriate compensation and restorative medical care.
So, is it the cotton candy hair that makes her so tasty? Or is it the fresh fruit filling?
I'm glad to see that Paul is finally expanding his diet. Maybe now he'll get some meat on his bones! Children and little old ladies just don't provide much in the way of protein and calories.
another tee?
Happen to anyone you know? Don't answer could be top secret!
I don't usually laugh out loud, but this one had me guffawing! I want a tee shirt!